Last day of 3 day pulse

Submitted by jam on Sun, 2016-01-17 18:41

Yep, and I have decided to throw it in forever.  I will continue with the abx at this stage however that may go too.  After 2 years and progressively getting worse, I can see no point.   Huge bruising after legs collapsing at the bench yesterday - I think it is time to throw in the towel.  Broken bones will likely be on the cards if I continue!One glimmer for seconds only in all this time and I feel as though I am flogging a dead horse.  I feel peeved as I am not someone who gives in easily but I don't want to do myself further harm.

onwards and upwards

Submitted by boadicea on Tue, 2015-07-21 17:47

I know that some here are having difficulties with walking at the moment, so I wanted to post this image, as I thought it might help give hope.Not a lighthouse this time – instead, I climbed to the top of the viewing platform in the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall.  The platform is 180 feet (55 metres) high.  And it was 50 degrees and 50% humidity at the top.  I was very happy to be able to manage this and loved every moment of it!Before you’re allowed up there, you have to confirm that you have no medical problems and are not taking any medication.  As though I was going to let that stop me!