New Work in 2008

Submitted by Michèle on Mon, 2008-06-02 04:45
Some of the work I exhibited in the Brighton Festival Venues.  This is the more serious work that I have done.... I have also made some rocking chickens called Rock Chicks, and a collection of pigs, for those people who find my other work too weird and wonderful...

Thinking what to do

Submitted by Sarah on Sun, 2008-06-01 11:39
When I first started painting with oils again I had forgotten quite how long it took before something was ready to put on-line.  Not a matter of just finishing the painting, but then waiting to e able at least to put retouching varnish on, because a completely unvarnished painting can look so streaky, some colours drying much more mat than others.
So I decided to post this work in progress, whilst wearing my colour matched sweater.  The angle of the painting and the total lack of sunshine today hides the uneven-ness of the finish and this does show that I am doing something............Sarah

An Itinerary in Li

KK2 London-May 2002

Submitted by kitkat2 on Wed, 2008-04-09 15:05
I have been cleaning/organizing this week and came across this photo of my two eldest sons from a family trip to London in May 2002; just a few months after the ms dx. The pic itself is not too clear, that is, except for the two women in the left field...who happen to remind me a lot of Michele and Ella....thus I posted it here for fun. kk2 :)