Fatigue or hormones?

Submitted by JaneK on Mon, 2018-07-16 09:46

Hi This is a question for all the other women of a certain age! (I don’t think that involves you SG, despite the ongoing pregnancy!)
I don’t think MS fatigue should be a major problem any more, but it is!
Aged 50, i must be menopausal, in fact, the menopause began when I was 41 and sent for chemo infusions, by my neuro. who was trying to shock my immune/nervous system into behaving. And stopped after a few more years!
The fatigue began about 5 years ago, i wonder if it is caused by CPN, or a hormone imbalance.


1.5 months into CAP

Submitted by Simrao on Thu, 2018-07-12 11:30

More than a month into the treatment. I wanted to update on my wife's progress. She is experiencing a lot of spinal pain, shoulder & neck pain and spasticity in the legs all this increased after starting the treatment which could probably mean ABX is working.
I wanted to point out another important thing which I noticed, She used to have itchy rashes on her back since almost childhood I think. That used to give out some sort of solid white substance(Very very small). This has stopped :) but itchiness is reducing.

Progress on antibiotic therapy

Submitted by Canadaontariouser on Mon, 2018-07-09 22:49

Good day everybody,

I thought I needed to provide some update on my progress. Last time I wrote in my blog I was desperately searching for a doctor to help with the protocol.

I have since found one and these are the findings:

From the exams performed it was found that I am suffering from the following diseases:

Painting the Big Picture

Submitted by raven on Sat, 2018-06-30 02:25

Hello Again,
Here it is summer in California by the beach and we have low clouds and fog. Which means lots of mold.
I have been reading Eric Johnson’s work on location effect regarding mold. Dry sunny days make me feel so much better.
Last summer, it was so hot and humid that sooty mold began to grow on leaves in the garden. I found information about spraying with sulphur and that seems to help a bit.
But I wish I could move out to the desert. Just not going to happen.

OzMan introduction

Submitted by OzMan on Thu, 2018-06-28 02:50

Hello everyone!

My computer doesn't seem to like this site - I can't seem to comment (with safari or chrome) on the thread welcoming me, so I guess I'll just use this blog post. Also, both web browsers are coming up as "Not Secure" when I come here, so I'll have to see about that, too.

Anyway, I'll be adding to this blog to post a proper intro. But am a bit hesitant sharing lots of personal details if it's not going to be secure.

Will finish this soon!

Pulse 4

Submitted by pjdelambo on Tue, 2018-06-26 16:39

I started my 4th pulse Sunday morning. In the past month my fatigue got worse again and I started to get muscle and nerve pain in my hips and legs. My lower back and my knees seem to be the worst. That is aside from my thumb joints which a slight bump feels like I am breaking them. Walking up stairs or trying to sit or get up off the floor is painful. I didn’t have that before. Although the best way I can think to describe it, is I feel like the Tin Man without an oil can. I feel and look like I am elderly lately.