Increasing Biaxin Slowly & General Progress Report

Submitted by 4dogday on Sun, 2008-07-06 10:24

I added 125 mg (62.5 mg 2 x a day) Biaxin to my CAP  in order to eventually increase to 500 mg 2x a day and then to add flagyl or tini.  I was hoping for no reaction since it is such a small amount, but unbelievably (and predictably based on my previous experiences) by day 2, I was having extremely sore muscles (my typical old fibromyalgia symptoms) which I haven't had so badly in a good while, but which seem to usually occur after increasing dosage.  Then I usually get diarrhea and then mild to medium flu symptoms, which hasn't happened yet, but I am both resigned and not worried about it now.  In fact, I'd worry if it didn't happen!  If I increase faster than this, I get the "flu" even worse, so this is why I increase very slowly. 

Also in the last couple months I have had a new thing of a constant headache due to what seems to be dry irritated sinuses and small red spots (looks like inflamed skin) on my skin at my temples.  I've had sinus type headaches off and on before, but never constant.  I'm very thankful to have learned to squirt saline solution (home made) in my nose which very affectively helps my sinuses. I have no doubt this is from CAP because I have no external allergies and it coincides with other new CAP reactions.

Also, I continue to have what feels like swollen glands in my throat, especially the right side, and occasional itching (my internal allergy).  My feet stopped itching (which was a new place to itch) but my nose, where I often itch, is itching a lot now, as well as my eyes.  I often itch on my skin in various changing locations where the skin turns very red.  This is not occurring a lot now, just a little, but this gets better and worse all the time, probably related to CAP reactions.  I probably have been having other small symptoms I am forgetting to list. I typically forget a lot of my symptoms unless I'm having them presently.   So, I guess I can list brain fog as a definite symptom. 

Oh, like I just noticed, my hair seems to be coming out more easily, something that used to happen a lot, but quit after I changed my diet and got healthier.  I'm not worried about it because it is just a little, and I think it is also CAP reaction related.

I've been extra sleepy the last few days (and this changes regularly with what I believe to be CAP reactions), but I still have more energy than I used to have.  I used to get tired easily and be totally out of energy, which limited my ability to improve if I tried to exercise.  I also had to do normal activities while feeling tired most of the time, which isn't easy without great mental motivation. 

Now I feel like I'd like to exercise.  I have reserve energy if I need it even when I feel extra sleepy or like I have the flu.  I don't feel like superwoman by any means, but it is a definite improvement.  So when I feel extra sleepy, I can sleep and then get up and get a lot more done, or not sleep and still be ok. 

Hopefully in a week or two (as soon as I think reactions have passed) I'll increase Biaxin again by another 125 mg a day.

Good news even though it doesn't sound like it. Feeling like you want to exercise means something's improved. Onwards and upwards. Image removed.

Berkshire, UK. Diagnosed RRMS Feb 4th 2008.

NAC 2400mg. All supps. Doxy 200mg. Zith 250mg. Metro 400mg.
No GP/Neuro support. Self medicating with help from David Wheldon.
Started CAP 20th April

Reve - Congratulations!  While you have a long way to go yet, you are clearly making progress!  Well done!

Daisy - Husband on CAP 5/07.  Husband died from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Secondary to the Infusion of Novantrone.  Ie - the treatment with the conventional MS drugs killed him.

Daisy on her own CAP 11/2012.