27 Apr 2018

please help-sauna question


Please help! One question to you all !I want to integrate sauna in to my protocoll - does it have to bee the infrared Sauna. Or is a normal sauna ok as well. And what about viral flare ups with sauna, as the immune system can become temporarilly incapacitaded. I was told before I became ill not to go in the sauna when having a flu, because it can become worse. warmest regards


cesare- FIR sauna clearly has an advantage over the regular heat sauna. The regular heat will induce the artificial fever aspect of sauna to boost the immune system function, but FIR appears to have greater penetrating effects and impact above and beyond regular heat. Take a look through http://www.drlwilson.com/articles/sauna_therapy.htm which is the information that Dr. Powell has recommended for patients to review.

A bit of clarification please.

I am reading Dr. Wilson's book presently, and read the link you've posted and the thing I find confusing here is that, while Dr. Wilson promotes the use of NEAR infrared sauna's over FAR infrared, folks here describe their saunas as FIR. Am I correct then to assume that Dr. P recommends the FIR over the NIR, inspite of Dr. Wilson's preference?

I also use 660nm/880nm (NIR-just) therapy devices in many ways already and have noticed that FIR and NIR are often used interchangeably when speaking or writing, yet they are quite dissimilar.

Anyone that is using the 'lights' saunas recommended by Dr. Wilson would be using Near Infrared (NIR), not Far Infrared (FIR).

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If you are unable to get the FIR Sauna, another therapy you can use recommended by Dr Powell (I think it was him; I've read so much!) is epsom salt baths.  I use this too.  I can really feel the good after effects when I make sure the water is really hot.   

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Hi everyone, I'm looking in the the FIR Sauna. Can anyone suggest whom they have bought one through? And is anyone doing the sauna and finding it helps alot?

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Corina, they do have different effects. Its hard to find a commercial infrared sauna with the near infrared bulbs. You can build one yourself. But what I have done is clamp a bulb in the FIR sauna so I have both. I have noticed that the lamp affects viral issues. Warts have flattened out with regular use of the lamp. I can't say which is better but I didn't have the energy to build a sauna so I bought the far infrared with the ceramic heaters. I figure if it ever breaks down I will just install more of the near infrared bulbs.
I have read Dr. Wilson's book and he is partial to the near infrared.There are many studies on the web talking about infrared light as a healing tool.


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Raven, that is very interesting about the warts. I'll have to tell my son about that, he has one on his hand and would love to have it gone!

It is certainly worth while reading about the health benefits of NIR therapy. 'Light' therapy has the potential to change the medical paradigm.

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Corrina- I've used just the near IR bulbs in a closet, and found the effect too intense. The FIR is easier to modulate, seems to cause less harsh reactions, and you can supplement with a NIR bulb if your sauna has room for it, which is what Dr. P recommends.

Thanks Jim. I wondered if folks were meaning NIR, as referenced in the book...

I went to Home Depot and bought the bulbs recommended in Dr. Wilson's book and they are too intense. Because of my interest in RLT,  I have a few NIR floods made of LEDs but somehow I think they miss the point. The FIR solo sauna I use has 9 settings; 3 is a high as I go.

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Twickle- Perhaps we should be retitling these threads, "Healing-Lite?"

We owe Dr. P a big thanks for his addition of IR sauna to his protocol, and the way it encouraged others with non-MS Cpn infections (because of heat intolerance with MS) and high tox loads to use it as an addition or prelude to the CAP. I suspect it would be a good preventative after completing a CAP as well. A number of folks have been confused as to why his protocol has so many adjuncts not part of a standard CAP, or why he starts people with these methods first. But so many of his patients have such compromised systems that the CAP is too harsh a starting place. He has had to find ways to gradually build them up and gradually clear the multiple infectious sources before targeting one of them with more potent meds.