27 Apr 2018
Miying Meng

No sweat FIR sauna


Hope this is the right forum. If not, sorry, can you move it?For a week I have been doing my FIR sauna for 10-12 min. at 115 degrees. My back and the back of my arms get a tingly burning sensation (bugs twitch'n?) My concern is I never sweat a drop. Not one teeny tiny bit of sweat anywhere. Do I need to do something different? Has anyone else been "sweat deficient"? Wink  Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me.  MM


Miying, this happened to me the first week I used the FIR sauna. After that I began to sweat. It may have to do with the level of toxins or a sluggish lymph system (which is where the sweat comes from). Also, I know that I need more than 10-12 minutes to begin to sweat. I usually set the sauna for 38 minutes and give it 8 minutes to warm up. Then I jump in and let it run up to 120º for the rest of the 30 minutes.
Cracking the door towards the end and sticking your head out can give you a little cool air if it gets too stuffy.
And I usually drink a big glass of water with 1/2 teaspoon of unrefined sea salt in it during the sauna.
Lately I have been sweating buckets.
So I would work up to more time in the sauna. Don't push it. Low body temp(thyroid problems) could also be an issue--have you had your T4-T3 checked?
Glad you have joined the sauna club. It's the best prescription any doc has ever given me!!!!


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Thank you very much for your reply Raven. Being cautious as I was warned to start out slow and easy. I heat my sauna up for 10 min. before going in so that it is at least 95 degrees to start. I hate being cold as I chill easy as well as get achy from it. Great suggestions. Door cracked when too hot & stuffy will come in handy I can tell already. It has a vent in ceiling I can open first to try. Yep. I am drinking a glass of water before I enter. Use unrefined sea salt in my food but had not thought to put it in my water. Sounds tasty... uh... kinda. <wink>

Do you recall if at first the sauna make your NAC flu symptoms worsen? My bronchial airways are irritated it seems from it.

My thyroid has been good. So guess it is just a matter of working up to more time and higher heat. But very glad to know you didn't sweat the first week, etc. too. This is all so new to me so am not confident about it. I needed to check in with someone with experience. Thanks again. MM

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Miying Meng, I did not sweat much at all before starting the FIR Sauna. I retained my excess heat and my skin and tissue suffered for it. I have a carbon panel unit that covers the body only (click here to see the model). With regular FIR Sauna use my body gradually learned to sweat. I erred in getting too ambitious and overdid it with the heat so I stopped using it for a while but have just started using it again. However the ability to sweat remained and my body's heat regulation system continued to improve even after stopping. Now I sweat pretty much normally and I can also tolerate heat much better.  The other thing I found about FIR Sauna was that it can initially make you feel a bit worse... then better. Think of it as a mini-healing crisis until things begin working the way they should. Give your body time to acclimate to the treatment. The benefits are lasting.  Just go slow, it's more than just the heat you benefit from with this. 

Best wishes! 

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Ditto from me, Miying.    Although I sweated from the beginning, my sweat output greatly increased after the first couple of weeks.   Start slow, giving yourself time to work up slowly, then try to use the sauna as often as possible once you see that you are benefiting from it.

Corinna, glad to hear you now sweat pretty much normally!   That's progress! 

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A mini-healing crisis appears to be causing my lymph glands in my armpit & breast area to be very sore tonight. Ouch! Thinking perhaps I should skip a day as I coughed all day from bronchial irritation too. Must be easier if you sweat and release toxins rather than hold them in. Thanks for your replies Corinna & Red. It really helps to understand what is going on and know others have had trouble sweating when starting out. Hmmm. Maybe that is partly why the heat has bothered me so extremely most of my life. Ok ... will be working slowly toward my goal to gain the ability to sweat & put those still clean towels to good use. Whodda thunk it? Image removed.  MM

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Dan, I can't thank you enough for guiding me through it.  I realized this past weekend just how much my body had benefited from even the short period of time I used it.  This 4 day long weekend I was outside by 7am and worked til noon in my garden.  The temperatures hit 32ºC and each day my face was less red than the day previous.  Byt the third day I was in a sweat as soon as I got outside, before work even began. It's like having a cooling layer on me, and my skin LOVES it!  Where the salty sweat used to sting because my skin was millions of micro-cracks now my skin is  so soft -- I keep petting my arm, it's sooo marvelous. Image removed.

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Good reminder about drinking 8 glasses of water per day Andesine. I did not have trouble doing so when my thirst was at a high level but the past several months it has wained. I get about half of what I need now I am thinking. Amazing you did not even sweat a drop in those circumstances. I am much like that but less extreme & no where near normal. I look forward to when our largest organ, skin, functions properly. I know it will be a huge benefit for me since it is almost not functioning now.

I was delighted to hear your skin benefits Corinna. Such relief to have soft pliable skin after all that painful irritation. I am feeling much better this morning so perhaps later today I will step into my FIR sauna again. It is doing something for sure and would love to see some notable benefits surface.

It frequently strikes me as odd how such simple measures seem to help us. Sitting in the sauna, eating Smarties, drinking Emergen C, etc. When I explain it to my extended family I can see the doubt in their faces. They actually thought I was joking when I told them about the Smarties. Image removed.

Pretty good medicine me thinks. Image removed.  MM

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MM I never used to sweat. Never. It could be a boiling hot day, out doing heavy gardening, sitting in a Sauna, stuck in a hot office, not a drop. Now it pours off me. Make sure you drink plenty of water each day, 8 glasses if you can. I just wasn't getting enough fluid.

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Miying Meng, how are you making out with the FIR sauna?  Do you still have the pain? Have you started to sweat?

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I have stepped up the FIR sauna to every day or every other day for 20 min. reaching 115 degrees. I almost find it too stuffy at times at this temperature. I use to be so cold that I enjoyed it before Iodoral changed it for me I am thinking. Also I no longer have the bronchial irritation and cough or increase in aches and pains, etc. afterward. It seems to actually make me feel slightily better afterward now. But during the sauna sometimes nerve pain in my shoulders increases a few moments initially as the heat hits about 100  then gradually subsides. I find that a bit odd but not a problem. I actually am just beginning to sweat under my breasts the last couple of sessions. So hopefully I am on my way to sweating out toxins. Kind of you to inquire about my progress.

How is your regime in your sauna going for you? How much time do you spend? at what temperature do you set yours? What do you think are the greatest benefits for you personally?   MM

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Hi Miying Meng,

I am so glad that you are able to use the FIR sauna now. I also began sweating under my breasts, but I think that it was actually lightly everywhere and just noticable there because of the skin to skin contact.  I noticed the sweat on my upper lip and under my eyes at times during the day shortly after.  I've taken to dabbing at my face with the corner of a cotton hanky - all very old fashioned and lady-like. LOL!

I am at a level 1 (110º) on the upper dome and a level 3 (125º) on the matt, because I put a towel on the matt. I can go to 20 minutes before I need to get out.  I also experience a period of discomfort as I heat up, my husband has commented on this as well, but once that is past it feels good. 

I think that the benefit to me at this point is being able to sweat, finally. I use to hold the heat and now my temperature regulation is normalizing.  I also find the Iodoral very helpful with that too.  I do find the soothing effects quite nice too.

I can't imagine the day when we actually get all soppy and wet!  Even now with sweating a bit I want to shave my head because my hair traps the heat and I hate the damp feeling. 

I hope you experience more and lasting benefits with this adjunct therapy!

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