Health Freedom Warning: Drug Company Seeks to Outlaw Vitamin B6 to Protect Pharma Profits

I subscibe to this newsletter, as I believe a few others do here.  Sometimes the author may seem "a bit over the top"; BUT, his information is usually spot on and helpful.  We as citizens of the great US of A.... are quietly being hoodwinked by going's on such as this article; i.e., drug companies/Big Pharma are committing  widespread biopiracy, stealing all the good medicine from nature, claiming patent protection on the useful molecules, and getting the FDA to outlaw virtually all the natural substances from which those medicines were first derived!


If you cherish your right to supplements here in the USA it is important that you stay informed, stay active and YES, please write to the organizations (FDA, Senators, Congressmen, etc.) that are appropriate. 

 I used to think my one little letter or email wouldn't matter..... I've come to the conclusion that my one little email or letter may just make the difference and if it doesn't I can't get upset with myself for not letting my opinions to be known.

I know it is very difficult for "we the people" to fight the greed and power of the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA but we have to start at least reacting to protect our health freedom rights!!

If you care about your vitamins, please take a moment to read this article and then go to the FDA site and post your comments as well as forward this to all of your friends and family.

 It scares me to death to believe our government may take away the freedom to choose our health options!!



So, are the pharma companies going to stop everyone eating fruit and veg as well? 

There was a lot of worry here a few years ago that the European Community was going to do something similar.  I have noticed that Boots the Chemist now sells mainly their own brand of what they consider to be all that you need vitamin wise, but everywhere else seems the same as before and we can still order what we want from overseas.  Since most of that I get from the USA, could I write as well?............Sarah

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Hi, Sarah.... I suppose if the FDA thought they could ban fruits and veggies they would, LOL!  The fact is we can't eat enough of them to make up for our deficiencies as the fruits and veggies are now so full of additives,hormones and chemicals! (plus unless they're homegrown, it gets scarey; i.e., the recent salmonella/tomato scare here in the US).  As you probably know, we NEED supplements because our food sources no longer supply our bodies of the nutrtion we need, plus most American's eat terribly!!

I don't see why you couldn't post a comment on the FDA page..... if you use them and want to protect them, go for it!

I know people think things like this can't happen, but it does -- slowly and quietly because the majority of the people are "unaware" or believe it won't/can't happen!

So everyone, please post your commments.



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