27 Apr 2018

Making a Link


I have tried to make a hyperlink in Kim's blog and I'm lost.  I even cut and pasted the sample of how to make a hyperlink but I couldn't get it to work either.  I'm not sure how this sight is different than TIMS where they use brackets like [url=] [/url] but I would like to try.  The think I cut and pasted was:<a href="http://www.cpnhelp.org">Cpnhelp.org - Chlamydia Pneumoniae Treatment </a>Is there a website you can recommend that will help me learn this code so I can post better?  Ken


Here's a step by step pictorial:


You should see the window below. The "LINK" tool (circled in red) is faded out.

Image removed.


Type in the text you want to post.

 Image removed.


Highlight the text you want to make a link, you'll notice the "LINK" tool is now selectable. 

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Click on the "LINK" tool and a pop-up window will appear. Fill in the link URL and a title (the title is optional).

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Click "INSERT" and the link will be active. 

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If you're using the HTML editor, that code you used is the way to make a link. If you're using the rich text editor, there is some icon to click on to make a hyperlink. (As usual with icons, it's hard to tell which one means what; you just have to go through them all.)