Submitted by Michèle on Sat, 2007-03-03 08:08

This useful page that Sarah compiled with information about what to get where lost its links in the upgrade, or at least it lost them on my browser. So here they are again in full. NAC to avoid reinfection of CPn: B12 - essential for helping to repair CNS damage: B and C combined, includes adequate amounts of thiamin and niacini: CoQ10 - for cell energy, which obviously ends up as personal energy: Acetyl l-carnitine with ALA - ditto above but from a slightly different angle: Vitamin Di - essential, especially if you don't go out much in the sun: Up to 4 a day Fish oil, complete, making evening primrose oil superfluous: calcium and magnesium combined: Multivitamin - I suggest Source Natural's Visual Eyes because it contains enough of other things I don't mention like selenium, vit e and beta-carotene and it is very good for eyes: Acidophilus with fructo oligo-saccharides, which means you don't need to store it in the fridge and risk forgetting to take it: