28 Oct 2022

Rifampicin resistance


Rifampicin creates resistance or not? 

I am working and could not continue religiously. It will create issues for me. I mean if I can use it on and off for one day or two. Will it be a problem? I am not sure what I have seem staph and cpn issues together.

I will completely switch herbals and supplements because no one give me more 6 weeks of abx.


Wolves, you only need doxycycline, azithromycin and flagyl to rid yourself of Cpn. I managed it by taking roxithromycin in place of azithromycin. There are Americans here who have never taken rifampicin as well, ask MacK.


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With rifampicin and resistance, the key is not to take it by itself, but only with other antibiotics.  (Rifampicin is unusually easy for bacteria to develop resistance to, but adding other antibiotics to the mix mostly prevents that.)

But there's also another issue with rifampicin, which is that it should not be taken in a pulsed fashion but rather every day.  This is because antibodies develop to it.  It doesn't ruin the potency of the drug, since the amount of rifampicin people take overwhelms the number of antibodies they make, at least for the usual rifampicin dose.  But if you don't take the drug for a while, the antibodies build up in the bloodstream and then when you do take a dose, having them all find their targets at once can lead to problems, notably blood clots.

Taking it once a week is known to cause problems.  Other schedules?  Hard to say.  But skipping a day is something people often do by accident so shouldn't be too bad.

Thank you. Rifampicin given me alone by an infectionist for prostatitis after a sperm culture found staph spp . Also throat culture revealed staph too. Only 45 days prescription. Stupid docs everywhere here.

Other than that I have above the limit cpn IgG not very high. And skin fungi issues bcoz all the abx used before.  I do not know what I have exactly. And other ailments as well.

I just gave up on abx idea. It is not sustainable here in my country. A year or two impossible. Not gonna write here again. Hope you will all recover from your illnesses. Allah bless you all.

a bit late for the answer. what country are you in? dont say its not sustainable in your country so quickly. theres ways to get what you need maybe. you can pm me if you need help. 

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