21 Nov 2021

Did you try to join, but haven't been approved?


If you tried to join the page, but haven't been approved to post, please fill in the section on where you learned about us or fill in the personal statement, explaining why you are here.

we are inundated with spammers, who could be malicious, so we're careful about our approval process.

Please, please fill in the information we ask for. Thanks! MacK


I have several people in the queue, waiting to be approved to join the page, but there is no 'reason' given for wanting to join and/or no 'personal statement' included in the applications.
NO ONE will be approved to join without including one of these things. And, no, 'a friend' or 'a google search' is not going to get you past this administrative step.
Take a minute and tell us why you want to join, or you won't be approved to post here (though you can, of course, still read everything).

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