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I am new to the site and it has been about 2 years since diagnosed with Lyme, adrenal fatigue, mold toxicity. 
I was very ill, but with months of trail and error and many resources I started to make some progress. It was really the binders and TriFortify that allowed me to get back to work. I recently added NAC. In retrospect,  I started having really intense sweats increase neurological issues, chest tightness, electrical sensations and gasping for breath in the middle of the night(I also moved into a new house with carpet in the bedroom) almost immediately.  It was just a bit of a miracle I caught information 8’ Dr. Neil Nathan‘s book that said NAC with chlamydia pneumonia would be horrific on the body.  If anyone else had this reaction?  It was so quick and so intense. I would say worse almost than any HERX I have had.

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Hi aaabram!

Just for clarity for all who are reading:  How much NAC did you start with?  Was it a single daily dose or did you spread it throughout the day.

For comparison:  I had already been taking NAC when I started the CAP, but I wasn't at the daily recommended dosage.... every time I upped the dose I had a difficult time... not as bad as you describe, but still had herx/die-off symptoms--which I just worked through with lots of liquids/electrolytes/rest/and activated charcoal.  



56 y.o. with possible dual diagnoses that I am working to confirm this year: Ankylosing Spondylitis and Scleroderma, and minor Psoriasis.

When I started I used the recommended 1200 X 2 per day and at some point I felt my "chest inflammation" getting worst, I don't know if it was a NAC die off  or an antibiotics die off or something else. I reduced and stopped NAC for some time and my symptoms improved, latter I started NAC again with no issues at all.

Diplopia, nystagmus, right facial weaknes, feeling VERY sick and fainting, chronic cough for more than 10 years, heart palpitations, skiped beats, heart area discomfort and pain, weak hands grip, minor pains in body parts, nausea, insomnia and many