10 Jun 2020

one year of protocol ending next month. Should I switch to 14 days gap in protocol.


Protocol from Jan 19 to April 19  = 4 months

Restarted from Aug 19 till date.   = 11 months

Cpn load in Aug 2019  2.47   Cpn load in May 2020 - 1.03

There is still headache and tightness in heart, chest.

Had liver injuries due to pulse. Shifted from Metro to Tini and from Azithro to Roxi.

Now have given up Tini pulses .

One year is getting completed should I switch to 14 days on and 14 days off. But Cpn load still remains. May 2020 Cpn load  1.03 down from 2.47 from Aug 2019.