6 May 2020

Anyone else use Chemo to fight cPn?


Anybody ever try CHEMO to fight cPn? (ie to fight MS)

Seems after using a chemo cocktail (Bevacizumab,  Fluorouracil, and  Oxaliplatin)  for post cancer surgery, I no longer seem to have ANY cPn antibodies. A bit rough of a ride for six months, but if it eliminates any and all traces of cPn, and thus avoids MS relapses, then seems to be a GREAT way to rid oneself of the pestilence in lieu of using CAP (antibiotics, NAC, etc.) forever...


My Cpn titers have been climbing again at very test since 2009....this year, I took the test twice and both times showed negative, no antibodies, nothing..I can only think it is a false negative..I took the tests one month apart...have not been able to stay on the CAP for an extended period of time and still have worsening symptoms. I also tested positive for mycoplasma pneumoniae at the same time, both tests.