2 Apr 2020

Can I use Amoxicillin in place of NAC (Urgent)


My NAC supply has dried up. I am on CAP without NAC since past one week. (Did CAP from Jan 2019 to April 2019) then Started it from Aug 2019 onwards). I am feeling discomfort  without NAC ( eye pain, increased inflamation  on forehead, headache too). I feel that this may be because of absence  of NAC. Owing to COVID 19, I am finding it difficult  to get NAC. Is it possible to take amoxicillin  for the duration  that I am unable to find  NAC. If so what should be the quantity  of Amoxicillin to be taken and how many times a day. Right now I am on Roxi and Doxi.


I can only respond from my own personal experience - I have very happily taken amoxi as part of the protocol, with no problems. It won’t replace the benefits of NAC as a glutathione precursor or liver protectant, but I have always felt I have done well with amoxi. Standard dose is 500mg three times a day. Doctors treating Lyme Disease use much higher doses of amoxi.

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Try amazon.com

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You can take either but do try amazon for NAC: it is still in stock in our country.

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