3 Jul 2019

Avian Psittacosis


The organism is susceptible to heat (it may be destroyed in <5 min at 56°C) and most disinfectants (eg, 1:1,000 quaternary ammonium chloride, 1:100 bleach solution, 70% alcohol, etc) but is resistant to acid and alkali. It may persist for months in organic matter such as litter and nest material, but thorough cleaning before disinfection is necessary.

If c pneumoniae is the human chlamydia psittaci, and if avian psittacosis can be destroyed by 70% alcohol, does that mean that 151vodka might kill c pneumonia?   I'd appreciate your thoughts. 


Jean, they are two different chlamydiae, but as for the vodka, it might kill the person taking it as well!

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