10 Jun 2019

Where to buy Bidens pilosa seeds or whole plant?


Unfortunately my source is no longer available and I'm looking for Bidens pilosa seeds or - even better - whole plants to prepare my own tincture from fresh leafs. In my country (Germany) it seems there is no possibility to get seeds or even plants of B. pilosa.

If you know a source where I could get this, I would be very happy if you tell me.


You can try Etsy, Amazon, or else just google what you want.

20 Bidens pilosa Seeds, Common beggar tick, Spanish ... - Amazon.com



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Ships From India , Bidens pilosa, commonly known as Cobbler's Pegs or Spanish Needle, is a species in the plant family Asteraceae. It is an annual that grows up to about 1 meter in height, depending on the local conditions.

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