15 May 2019

Just want to introduce myself, and looking for some info



I'm Tom. Maybe I give you a little background. 


That is what I have originally wrote:


I'm Tom. Maybe I give you a little background. 

I've been watching this site for little over a year now. Around year ago I have been infected with cpn, but I believe it is not a first time. How would I know it is CPN ? Well, the person I have picked it up from, believed that she has lime disease and she managed to get all the possible tests done for co-infection and what not. I've seen her results and there it was when I first time seen the name chlamydia pneumoniae. I probably would have never found the site if I didn't know the name, but when I googled chlamydia pneumoniae, site was one of the top ones.

For first few weeks I had bad cold... and it hold to me for good 6-8 months... it eventually got better. I also got bad neck pain for months, but this eventually got better too.

Why I think it is not a first time I have picked it up ? Well, I had head trauma accident when I was 9, and always my memory was a little worst then average persons ( I was always amazed how ppl remember things, names, ect). I never was good at it, actually very bad ! I have always believed that head trauma was the cause of my bad memory though. 

I believe now that it has connection to CPN, but I can't be sure, it is all speculations unfortunately.

Anyway, I think this post now is getting a bit longer then I intended. I will go straight to the point now then. 

I am subjectively healthy right now, but I am thinking to do the CAP (would really love to get my full intelectual potential back!).

First problem though, when I first learned about CPN I have tried doxycycilne - got it online as malaria protection drug  - manage whole 4 days of it, but being aware of potential side effects I was watching my body closely. I had really bad reaction to it, peripheral neuropathy, weird pinching pains all over my skin (veins maybe?). I could endure that, but when I got headaches and starting seeing stars when I put my head down then I figured I am probably getting increased intracranial hypertension  and it is getting dangerous so I had to stop it. After 2 weeks after stopping it all side effects subsided. It was really bad time for me back then, and I also think doxy gave me bad depression with really dark thoughts. 

My question is then, could I get away without using doxycycline ? What else I could use instead? 

Second question is, do you have any suggestion where I could get relatively cheap antibiotics? I will be ordering online what I can get my hands on. No chance for doctors prescriptions as I am in UK and knowing my GP there is no chance to get anything from him! 

Third question, how long would I need to be on CAP? I am not sick like many of you was, so there is really no feedback from my body if this works or not (memory thing is a bit hard to gauge). 

Sorry for such a long post !