27 Dec 2018

Botox and CPn


Hello and merry festive season to all!

Quick question:
My dentist wants me to have botox injections in my jaw in order to help with severe jaw misalignment and TMJ issues.

Does anyone know if undergoing botox is contraindicated whilst treating CPn?



I have seem mention of possible interactions, which can affect the way the Botox works, from various abx, including minocycline and doxycycline, so you would definitely need to get expert advice. Personally, I would not take the risk. You may well find the TMJ issues gradually improve anyway, as you progress with treatment.

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Thanks for the response :)

You're right I'll need expert advice. I was just wondering if anyone here knew anything, as I'd imagine if I told my dentist, he'd probably just say "it'll be fine" without really knowing.

Though I guess they have to use antibiotics in their practice, so if it was a known drug interaction, they may know about it.

I guess my question was more around the effects of botox on a chronic CPn infection, if any

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