Is this C. pneumoniae?

Hello! Last year I had a very bad reaction to N-acetylcysteine, had a fever for over a month and became very ill. After that I have been catching some kind of f"lu/cold/virus" all the time and feel sick and weird, like it's the same thing coming back over and over again - never getting rid of it. Doctors diagnosed me with asthma (did a metacholine challenge test) and I take inhaled steroids and a bronchodilator. I have had CFS/fibromyalgia type syndrome for a long time, and lots of weird symptoms. I decided to finally test mycoplasma and chlamydia pneumoniae. Here are the results: Mycoplastma IgG 2.0 (ref. <10) Mycoplasma IgM 7.4 (<10) C. pneumoniae IgG 11.7 (<8.5) C. pneumoniae IgA 8.5 (<8.5) C. pneumoniae IgM 6.0 (<8.5) CRP 1.22 (<10) I had CRP 20 in July. So do I have an insidious hidden C. pneumoniae? Just got the labs out today. I am trying to find a doctor who knows how to treat this. Last year I was thinking about CP but then kind of "forgot" it. What protocol would be best to take? Thank you for any thoughts!! Best wishes, Bamboopanda