Did anybody else see this?

Did anybody else see this? Perhaps they should be working at CPN ! https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/09/09/645629133/infectio… Trish

Since there's evidence of cpn in so many Alzheimer's brains, post mortem, Yes, they should be.

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That is so. Brian Balin and his team have found C. pneumoniae in Alzheimer's brains, and concentrated in the worst affected areas. (A Pubmed search on the terms Chlamydia pneumoniae Alzheimer's disease reveals extensive research.)

D W - [Myalgia and hypertension (typically 155/95.) Began (2003) taking doxycycline and macrolide and later adding metronidazole. No medication now. Morning BP typically 110/75]

The fact that it often starts in the olfactory bulb and spreads from there, is a big hint that it’s a respiratory pathogen, and CPn is a prime candidate

But the problem is many different pathogens have been found in Alzheimer’s brains - spirochetes, CPn, Toxoplasma, viruses like HSV and even fungi.

Dr Dale Bredesen, who apparently has reversed cases of early Alzheimer’s, believes there are many many different causes. He’s got a few major subtypes - inflammatory, diabetic, lack of hormonal support, and toxic/infectious. These obviously overlap. And there is usually a lot of overlap within people, with people having multiple contributing factors.

And it’s hard to pin down exactly which pathway is contributing. Is it pathogens or iron metabolism? Well... taking iron chelators seems beneficial. So it must be iron, right? But the iron chelators affect pathogens too.

Taking antibiotics seems to be beneficial - so it must be a microbe. But... the tetracycline antibiotics used have effects as iron chelators as well, so chicken and the egg again.

Chronic sinusitis, neurological and cognitive problems. Gotten more severe recently.
CPn, mould exposure, likely Lyme
Roxy, supplements, red/infrared light, cholestyramine. Will start pulsing tini again at some point.