I have an Integrative Medicine Doctor (real MD, but also practices Chinese Medicine) and he's the one who finally diagnosed my CpN. It took a decade of seeing so many specialists who simply scratched their heads. Anyway, this doctor offers IV Ozone Therapy. I've done a lot of research on it and it looks extremely promising. The drawback? It's expensive. His machine is called a 10-Pass, meaning it draws your blood up into a small, hyperbaric chamber where it's mixed with ozone, then pumped back into your body - ten times per session. Logically, this is ten times as effective as getting a single IV dose of ozone, which I've done. The cost per session for the "single pass" was about $120. The cost per session for 10-Pass is $600. Great deal, right? Except the doctor recommended ten sessions (two per week for five weeks) for a total cost of $6,000. He said that CpN has to be attacked hard and fast. One or two sessions every now and then will only give the bacteria a chance to replicate so unless I can afford ten sessions in quick succession, he said I'd be wasting my time and money. If I had the money, I'd jump at it. But I've been sick so long that I'm currently on Disability. So, I'm trying MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement. Very controversial. Loads of people loving it and equal amounts of people saying it's quackery. But I consulted with my Integrative Medicine Doctor. He said he's heard of it and likes it. So, onward. Also, important: Ozone is an oxidizer, which is a destroyer. For it to work, you can't take antioxidants or you'll be neutralizing its effect. But, as I understand it, ozone stays in your body for only an hour, so after your treatment (if you're going the ozone route), then take your antioxidants because you're going to need to clean up all those free radicals that oxidization creates. It's a delicate balance. Also, enzymes and essential oils to dissolve the biofilm protecting the CpN. Again, lots of videos on YouTube on dissolving biofilms. CpN isn't the only bacteria that thrives in biofilm so don't necessarily do a search for CpN - search for biofilms.