Submitted by supaguy on Thu, 2018-07-12 20:29

I think this is pulse # 53 but I can no longer refer to my old posts to check my own history.

Anyway, it has been a very long time since I last did a pulse. I have had the pulse police kicking at the door demanding to know why I haven't pulsed in months. I always have an excuse for everything. And that is equally true on this occasion too. Yep, I have had some very sound reasons indeed.
Anyway, I started a new metro pulse about 8 hours ago. Having sprained my wrist last night, I am inspired to drive forward and not only pulse with Metronidazole but also to resume my sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy after more than a three year break. Something good has to happen somewhere ... and why shouldn't it happen to me?



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But do you think all the antibiotics you have taken have made any difference in your case? Has any doctor told you that you would certainly now be worse off had you not taken them?

Okay, we both have our excuses. Now, you behave and do your pulse. And I will order my self the NAC I've been so remiss about.

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Supaguy! :)

I was thinking on your pulses the other day... how does it comes to 53 pulses? How many years have you been under the protocol?

And about the hyperbaric Sessions... have you ever tried? I've never been in a Hyperbaric Chamber, but for what I know... it is pretty boring and long... though they were divers under decompression sickness... I have never heared anyone using them as a therapy... I want to know more! :)


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