1.5 months into CAP

Submitted by Simrao on Thu, 2018-07-12 11:30
More than a month into the treatment. I wanted to update on my wife's progress. She is experiencing a lot of spinal pain, shoulder & neck pain and spasticity in the legs all this increased after starting the treatment which could probably mean ABX is working. I wanted to point out another important thing which I noticed, She used to have itchy rashes on her back since almost childhood I think. That used to give out some sort of solid white substance(Very very small). This has stopped :) but itchiness is reducing. I wanted to know if anyone else with MS experienced this. I shared the youtube video on CPn and her grandpa pointed out that her uncle had Cpn in his childhood and looks like he still has neural issues.

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I have been three months on a CAP for reactive arthritis. I've been very sceptical about the reactions to the CAP (muscle pain, joint pain, rashes, blurred vision and others) being bacteria die off. But the way may body has responded, i.e., the reactions easing with time while still taking the antibiotics has convinced me the reactions are most likely bacterial die off and not some kind of allergic reaction. I have been able to ramp up very quickly into the CAP but there are antibiotics that hit you stronger so you need to have a flexible plan/advice on how to handle this. Also you need to take some kind of NSAID for pain and swelling caused when your cells die along the Cpn. Also, you need to take supplements. Folate and B vitamins are very important as well as something to fight diarrhea. You can find details about supplements in other pages of this site.