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Hello Again,
Here it is summer in California by the beach and we have low clouds and fog. Which means lots of mold.
I have been reading Eric Johnson’s work on location effect regarding mold. Dry sunny days make me feel so much better.
Last summer, it was so hot and humid that sooty mold began to grow on leaves in the garden. I found information about spraying with sulphur and that seems to help a bit.
But I wish I could move out to the desert. Just not going to happen.
Yesterday I found a grapefruit I had left in a bowl on the counter. The whole bottom covered with green mold. Probably picked up at the grocery store. Was wondering why my ears were ringing (first warning sign of mold exposure for me) and my balance was off.
Dumped the offending fruit and tried to clean up the area around it with vinegar and tea tree oil.
Lots of vitamin C and took some Cholestyramine to mop up the mycotoxins.
A point I would like to make is that according to the mold doc Ritchie Shoemaker, 24% of us are missing the genes to identify and remove mycotoxins.
If you are treating Cpn and still having some bad symptoms, you can get tested for these genes.
So check you house and workplace for mold. It may be you live in a moldy part of the country.
As for Cpn, I am doing the Buhner herbs about every two to three months for 30 days.
I had a bad virus in April and couldn’t seem to kick some remaining symptoms, so I took two dropperfuls of oregano oil and olive leaf mix tincture. All hell broke loose and I had heavy dieoff symptoms.
The sinuses cleared up but I have since added a much smaller dose to my Buhner herbs. Very potent stuff. Be careful.
I’m also trying different remedies for weak bones. Had a bad bone scan last August. I knew I wasn’t eating enough calcium. Tried big doses of K2 which is the treatment in Japan. But recently came across a video with Dr. Jorge Fletchas on Boron. Just do a search for it. Ordered 75 mg tablets and did a week at half of one a day. Next week went to the full dose. By the end of two weeks I had lost my slump and was standing up straight!

If you have questions, post them here.

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SO glad you popped in to post, Raven! I've missed your insights and information. (Hopefully, we can address more of the 'natural' aspects of treatment soon, once we migrate and organize the new site.)

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Hello Raven, yes, we can have a Raven and Darren corner!

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

I think it may be a good extra wheel in ppl’s fight against CPn. I would love to contribute the little I know so that it may help the few who have problems either getting or taking what is a very effective antibiotic protocol!!!!


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I have something pretty curious to talk about Mold...

I have been living in the same appartment for the last 2'5 years. This year seems it has been pretty wet... as wet as the cherries comming with a watery taste out of the trees...

Though this year, and under CAP... the walls of inside the appartment started molding... black stains in the bedroom and living room (the appartment is something like 40m2).

I started thinking if my breath or I had any influence on those issues... anyhow... the thoughts kept me entertained... ;)


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