If you decided to follow the CPN Protocol ( and you feel overwhelmed with the amount of new information, this might help you (just from a personal MS experience, Ongoing protocol: 11 months of Doxy+Azithro + 4 Full Metro pulses):


+ Tools&Tips I : What + ---> 1. What are all these pills and medication?

+ Tools&Tips II : Where + ---> 2. Where do I get these pills and medication?

+ Tools&Tips III : When + ---> 3. When to start? / 4. When to take all these pills?

+ Tools&Tips IV : How + ---> 5. How to start?


+ 3rd Question. When to start?

----> As any infection, as soon as you start, the better

IMP ----> There are a few things to consider though:

- DEPENDANTS: If you are currently working, and have a family to maintain, be sure you'll get your time off if you do not feel good. Try to think about a full year where you might have foggy head, you might feel tired, and you might have ups and downs in your moods. 

- ECONOMY: Even if Dr. Wheldon already thought about the price of the Antibiotics, it is important to think that Online Antibiotics, Vitamins and Supplements are not for free. Try to plan ahead any expense. It might help controlling anxiety. 

- LENGHT: It is a long treatment, but it is not forever. Once you decide to start, get conscious about and finish it unless any bigger issue happens.

- THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD GP: These are the Psychologists 2.0. Do not hesitate changing the GP until you find one you feel comfortable with. You might need as much of his/her knowledge and caring to go through the Protocol. (My one passed 5 years ago. I missed him every day since I started the Protocol. He knew something was wrong with me, and I loved to discuss my results with him. Finding a new nice GP has been, bureaucratically, impossible).

- CHECK UP's: Do not forget to ask for analysis every approx 3 months, to keep a track and compare your values. Remember everyone reacts differently to a certain med. 

- WEATHER: It is said, that the Protocol reacts better in cold weathers. I cannot say. I have been in Barcelona all this time... but if you feel sensible about it, you should consider... 


+ 4rd Question. When to take all these pills?

----> This is one of my Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays Pulses week (approx):

9:00 - Doxy+NAC600

11:00 - Metro

13:00 - Vit + Supp (all, one by one)

15:00 - Azithro+NAC1000

17:00 - Metro

20:00 - Doxy+NAC600

22:00 - Metro

00:00 - Probiotics (Boadicea's knowledge courtesy). :)

IMP ----> Give time to the Antibiotics, do not take 2 together. You'll need to keep your Flora under control. (Get ready to eat Kefirs, Yoghurts, and a healthy diet might help).


Just to say, it may be a personal thing, but I had no problem at all taking the abx all at the same time - or just twice a day when pulsing tinidazole. I always started a new abx steadily, but, once I was tolerating it, I didn't need to spread them out separately through the day, as you are doing. I took my supplements twice a day, including NAC, just keeping any mineral supplements at least a couple of hours away from any abx.

The thing which I felt benefitted me the most was ensuring my last abx of the day was at least a couple of hours before bed, so that I could then take my probiotics just before bed, so I was giving the probiotics all night to work their magic.

Neuro symptoms & many health problems from 1989. NAC+all supps(04/11) CAP(05/11)

Thanks for the reply! I am sure it will be useful. :) 

Indeed, my intestines have always been susceptible of diarrhoeas... so taking 2 antibiotics at the same time was 100% sure of a huge toilet explosion... 

I will try the Probiotics before to sleep and away from the Antibiotics... it has sense they will work better during the sleeping time...

Thanks again! :) 


(ONGOING PROTOCOL: 1 full year Protocol with 6 full Metro pulses)

MS Diagnosed: 21.IX.2016