7 May 2018

Site Issues


1.  When I look for 'recent posts', I am not looking for the beginning of that thread, which may have been posted (originally) many years ago.  I am looking for the most recent posts at the top of a list and the rest of the 'recent' posts listed in order of most recent at the top, second most recent below that, etc.  We're accustomed to seeing the newest posts first .


Sarah, can you check.   I think you'll find that comments are now correctly nested/threaded.

I've renamed Conversations to Messages. You will still need to start a conversation so that your messages do not end up being mixed up, but are grouped within the people you are messaging.

I've set the default font to sans serif.

Kent, I was pleasantly surprised to see something actually happening this afternoon, but you haven't quite got there yet.  You maybe don't know what Pat means by 'nested comments' but the ones on this site are certainly not 'sorted.'

Private messages are very important to many people on his site, whereas the word 'conversations' is a thing of the moment, here today, gone the next., like mini phones a few years ago.  Many sites  use private messaging, and 'private means 'private' so please try to get a module for it.

I wasn't terribly happy to see that you had gone into my account and changed my theme to Mayo, which I was using at first for a few days.  I do think that non-serif text reds better on a monitor, though, whereas serifs look better on a typewritten page, so no complaints there.

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Thank you so much, Kent!

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Hi Patricia, thank you for your post.

1.  Recent content now only shows posts in order of create

2.  Forum posts now display author and time

3.  Nested comments are now honoured

4. Messaging is now working.  Yes, the messages are still messages but they are grouped inside conversations

5. We are trying our best to get the various views similar to what they were before.  Users can change their own theme appearance.  See my signature.

6.   I have started a new post here