2 May 2018

Die-off symptoms?


Hi I've been taking Borax in a bid to resolve (what I thought was) candida overgrowth. Many people I know with MS are following a candida protocol, quite successfully. I've been less successful, but I get significant die-off symptoms when taking Borax. Borax is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, so could the die-off actually be CPN?? 

Does any one have an opinion on this please?

Thank you




I am not sure what to advise on that one. I do not know Borax, though I was MS diagnosed and suffered by urine infections quite often. (Infections but no candida).

What would I do in your position? I would ask for analysis and I'd try to get a bond with my doctor. 

One of the many doctors I tried having a prescription from, asked me if I felt any suspicion of fungus due to the antibiotics. I did not have any problem, so she did not gave more importance to it and wrote the prescription. (till then, I was buying the antibiotics online).

Though, if she asked, probably it is cause the antibiotics (which are 'fungus'), could help candida develop. 

Could Borax be killing the CPN? Maybe. But would not the CPN come back unless you really clean completely your body from it?

mmmm... There is a lot of information missing, and I am not sure any of what I wrote here could be of any help. Sorry. 


Started the Protocol: 01/06/2017

MS Diagnosed: 21.IX.2016