No appetite?

Submitted by Mariapatri on Thu, 2008-08-21 02:05

No appetite?

I have no appetite at all and have a really increased smell, which makes the eating more difficult.  This without mentioning when the trachea pain comes, with the neck stiffness and pain in the thyroid which, all together make my eating harder…  and, strange, I have gained more weight than in all my life.  In fact I never gained weight until this past year!

The swelling of my hands is getting better with the Aloe I guess? but I still have pain everywhere.  I have not had the heart problems, thank God, blessings!!!!! 

What is helping me to “survive” is, believe it or not, the silver sinus nasal spray.  My neck pain is almost gone, and yesterday when it was coming back as a roller coaster, I increased the silver to some “colloidal” under the tongue and, I’m better!

I see that the nose sprays and salt water and all of those “treatments” I do, really helped me alleviate the other horrible symptoms; but the silver and all those have not get rid of the problem.  It is like controlling the situation, or lessens the strength of the bug, but cannot knock it off totally.  Well, yes, I see I am asking too much because, if 4 years of antibiotics some times cannot kill the CPN, how can I expect the silver do it in just a couple of months? Ha… I’m not so bad after all, it could be worse ah?

(What happened with the fonts?  changing while writing??? Jimm?)LOL!!