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I'm so glad to have found this support group and informative website.

I recently got my Cpn results back that show I have both a current and active infection. I'm not sure if these are high levels or not IgG +1.700 (<1.1) IgA +1.720 (<1.1) Does anybody know if they are?  But it does explain a lot of my chronic illness and horrible symptoms. 

I'm starting the Wheldon protocol of antibiotics. I'm just wondering, do I also have to take NAC? I have read it's important but I want to get started on the antibiotics and because I'm very poorly I don't think my body can cope with lots of new things at once. Any advice? Is there anything suggested to take for herxing? 

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Very briefly, I would suggest that you take the NAC first.  Apart from killing the Elementary Bodies of CPn, NAC is an excellent indicator of CPn infection.  Some way down the line, you may wonder whether or not you are on the right track.  If you take NAC and suffer the classic NAC flu, then you will always know that you headed down the right path.

Even once you have beaten the active infection and you have ceased antibiotics, you will need to continue to take NAC ... in fact, you will need to take NAC for the rest of your life (to prevent reinfection).

Other here may wish to add or contradict.

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That "(<1.1)" after your numbers probably means "normal is less than 1.1"; in other words your results are high, meaning the test indicates infection.  But there are various different tests out there, and without knowing the type of test we can't say more.  The usual test in the US is the microimmunofluorescence test; that's the one where results are quoted as ratios like 1:64.  That's obviously not the one you got.  There are at least two other types of tests: ELISA, and Elispot.  (Not that we could necessarily say a lot more even if you did tell us the type of test you got, but it's a prerequisite for saying anything sensible.)

You don't necessarily have to take NAC, but it's recommended, and its effects usually aren't that bad.  In any case, it's good to start one antibiotic at a time, observing the effects, rather than to slam yourself with them all at once; and that goes for NAC too.  As for supplements to take to mitigate the impact, there are a lot of them:


Very sorry for the delay. I had a really bad couple of weeks then. The testing was ELISA And the lab did query a current infection even though the elispot was within range. He said this could be suppressed with illness. I will definitely look at taking NAC but I'm on the anyibiotics now. I have been on 100mg of Doxy daily and have been for two weeks. I had a few gastric issues but have been pretty much ok with it so I introduced Azithromycin today. I hope thats not too early. 

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Welcome, Katyw.  I think we might already have ‘met’ elsewhere!

I started NAC first and I was really pleased I did – I developed cold-like symptoms after about a week and then flu-like symptoms, so it served well to reassure me that I was going along the right lines.  But I think there are others here who didn’t start NAC first.  I would definitely only start one thing at a time though.

Another benefit of NAC is that it's liver protectant, so it's useful to be on when taking the abx anyway.

There’s a good post here about mopper and detox:

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