Newbie in need of solid advice

I just registered today, however, have been following for 6 weeks now.  I understand the CAPi and have done the NACi test.  So, so thankful to have found this site.  So sorry everyone is going through this but this site is a god send.  My problem is I am so sick of calling and going to doctor after doctor only to be informed that I am crazy and leave without any treatment for whatever reason (insult) they want to throw at me to justify why they don't know what CPNi is.  It does not help that they are stating that Azithromycin can damage ones heart right now.  I also have lyme (got 8 weeks of Doxyi) and have learned the hard way not to bring that up.  I was so happy to finally have confirmed lab test and a name to what is going on, even accepted the name of it (have to admit, that was hard, seriously, it just had to be that one).  I am in the United States and would really like to get cured.  I am in need of some experience.  This is not a treatment I want to start and have to stop until I can find another prescription.  Please feel free to inbox me.  What have you found helpful?  Is a particular type of doctor more knowledgeable?  What have you found to not say to them?  Do you monitor your own progress?  If so, how often, is one lab better than another?  I would assume if you are taking NAC all the time, that test would not work again.  Any advice would be great.  Am I looking at the same issues with insurance as with lyme?  Is this something that is best not talked about (as people here think lyme is curable with 14 days of Doxy)  Once you feel you have eraticated this bacteria, are you still taking Azithromycin on a regular basis or once in a while.  I am aware that NAC would be beneficial for life.  Again, I am so sorry anyone is going through this but so greatful that I am not alone.