27 Apr 2018

New "Supplements" forum?


I see we have a Dx and Sx forum, both of which are empty (don't know if they are intentional additions or just a mistake).Anyway I really think this place could benefit from a specific "Supplements" forum. This would be a place for specifically discussing supplements/brands etc. A lot of my time on the CAP is actually devoted to trying various supplement (& noting their effect if any on Cpn).


garcia- not a bad idea at all. Do you see this as something under the "adjuncts" category? I wouldn't want it confused with the regular supplements of the CAP if it is going to be a more experimental supplement discussion.

Hi Jim,
yes I see a new Supplements forum as being under the adjuncts category - under as in beneath, not a subforum. I'm not a big fan of subforums as it just adds to the mental confusion rather than easing it.

As regards the official supps if you want you could have a sticky post "Official CAP supplements" at the top of the new forum pointing to one (or more) of the following links: 




Any discussions would build upon these basic supps not replace them. 

many thanks,


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