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Hi everyone, I have recently joined this group and have been trying to read up on CPN as much as I can, 

I have been suffering with Arthritis for near on 35yrs, gradually more joints are being affected, plus numerous other health complaints, and found out earlier in the year that I am HLAB27 and DRB 1*01:01 and DRB1* 11:01 positive, so it does appear that I have an autoimmune disease going on.

I'm in Australia and it's hard to find a doctor who is willing to help or even understand about intracellular bacteria, the closest I got was a Rheumy who did prescribe me Doxycycline on my request,but unfortunately I had to stop taking it on a couple of occasions and only took it for about 3mths at a time.

After reading this topic and about NAC I decided to give it a go and have been taking 600mg now for about a week but have not noticed anything, also after reading about CPN I also read about several other bacteria that would also fit the picture i.e Proteus, Klebsiella, Camplyobactor, etc etc. so would the same treatment apply if it were one of these other bacteria.??

I read a post on here under the heading of "Diagnosis" and one question that is puzzling me is how and why does taking NAC diagnose CPN...from what I have read about it, it does treat respiratory infections and the like so why would having "flu" like symptoms necessarily mean that you have CPN ? is someone able to explain this for me. 

Also if there is anyone in the group from Australia can you advise of a doctor in Queensland.



Lots of Aussies here, thanks to the Catalyst tv show.  You should get answers soon.  Check your private messages here on the site, too.  We tend to guard our physician info carefully, unless we have permission to post their information on the public site.

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Sent you a private message, Sandra.


Mysterious symptoms from 1997-2011. MS Dx 2011, Lyme and co-infections Dx 2013, Mould sickness Dx 2014. Cpn CAP 12 months, Lyme CAP 10 months, mould treatment 6 months, Cpn/Lyme CAP currently, lots of supplements for years.