Neuro Science Testing/ measures neurotransmitter levels

I found a physician who does Neuro Science testing. The nervous system influences how we think,feel, and react,as well as our body functions. The test is given via a urine and saliva sample and it measures chemical neurotransmitters.

The test that I had done, measured the following neurotransmitters:

Epinephrine, Norephrine, Dopamine, Serotonin, Glycine, GABBA, Glutamate, Histamine, Creatinin.

These are some of the brain chemicals that help us respond to stress approporiately. With chronic infections and toxic exposure, the neurotransmitters become dysfunctional and out of balance. 

I would like to find out what others know about this test or just interesting input.






These are tests about some of the things that I know nothing about, but I am certain can "get out of whack" when we are as dysfunctional as so many of us are - and some were.  I have no other comment, but didn't want this to sink in case there were comments from those who DO know something.


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Rica, Thank you for your comment on this topic and for posting. I am looking forward to any additional information others can offer.



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