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Dear friends,  I need your help.  For eighteen years I had been an avid bodybuilder with absolutely no previous ms symptoms.  Four months short of my sixty-fifth birthday (6/7/03) I was getting out of the shower, and banged my right arm on the shower door and felt a numbness, I went to the hospital the same day.  When I finally got out (a month and a half later) I had a colostomy, and my arm was still numb ( the colostomy was reversed a couple months later)2/27/04 my foot began to drag, I went to a different hospital.  When I finally got out (two months later) I had another colostomy and was numb over my whole body with the exception of my left arm.  I was relegated to a wheelchair, with a custom moffet brace on my left leg to correct drop foot. ( the colostomy was reversed two months later)I had been put on Rebit then Tysabri, with no affect. The neurologist felt they were successful when I didn't get any worse.  They don't understand I want to improve not stay the same.I got a bladder infection, and the doctor prescribed 1000mg of cipro daily, I noticed a vast improvement in my standind ability and I could walk with a cane for short distances.I went on the the internet and found Dr. Wheldon's web page and read with great interest the story of Sarah.  On April 3, 2008, I started on the Wheldon plan.  I have since completed four (4) pulses.  The reason for this message is I feel little affect of the antibiotics to date.  My poor wife is still relegated to dressing me and washing me on the bed.  I tried very hard to emulate Sarah"s success with little affect.  I am so depressed I am thinking very dark thoughts.  Do you think I am wasting my time, especially at my age. ( I turn seventy 10/30/08)  CPN since 4/3/08  edss 7  rrms  nac 2400  doxy 100x2  zith 250 m/w/f  netro pulses each month (started 5/08)  no neurologist


"I am so depressed I am thinking very dark thoughts.  Do you think I am wasting my time, especially at my age."

Absolutely NOT.  I think that it's fantastic that you went out and found Dr. Wheldon's website, read it, and have started working on it.  The key there is that you have started.  It's not a quick fix.  You can not expect it to be a quick fix.  If there were any quick fixes, the medical establishment would have found them already as that's generally all they look for most of the time.

I was diagnosed with MS when I was 33.  I'll be 40 in October.  I was spending 2-1/2 hours at the gym 4 - 5 days a week until December '07.  Now, I'm in a wheelchair; however, I'm 2 years, 25 weeks into treatment and it's clear that I'm making progress.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the reactions I've had despite the fact that they've been very hard to live with. 

I have had those dark thoughts many times, many times, and it's something I remind myself often that this is a process, not a quick fix.  I'll get through the process in time.  So will you.

A member here is almost your age at 68 years old.  She went through this process over the course of 5 - 6 years and is MUCH the better for it.  As someone that was just diagnosed, you're in a perfect position to begin treatment and follow its course until you're back on your feet at the gym again.  I'll be there too.  Stick with it, it's only a matter of time.

best, JohnRRMS/EDSS was 4.5, 5, 6, 6.5, 6.9999, 6.5 on Wheldon/Stratton Protocol beginning 04/12/2006nac 4x600 mg/daydoxycycline 2x100mg/dayazithromycin 3x250mg/day MWFmetronidazole 3x400mg/day then 3x500mg/day

NO QUICK FIXES! I know I'm not the one to say this, because my 'fix' was fairly quick, but we've talked a lot here about how those who are in the fastest tailspin of a decline seem to be helped the quickest by abx. Those who have been ill longer take a lot longer to improve, but they DO improve.

Read Rica's patient story (Katman) and see how long and what a hard road she took.  I"ve met Rica and she walked only with a limp two summers ago.  She reports even more recovery now.  There is no basis for the improvements and recoveries seen here, except for our doing the antibiotic protocol.  Stay with it and be patient.  I think patience is the hardest part of this whole treatment, for all of us.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Willie, the first thing I wondered is what you are on. It would help if you did a signature. You are obviously what I think of as "one of us".

The only reason I haven't stopped is that I am still getting reaction to flagyl, and because of that I may still get some more recovery. Being my "old self" would be really nice, but 13 years have passed and I am that many years older. You are in the beginning, and may be able to increase your assault. I am the 68 year old of whom John (farandwide) spoke. I am in total agreement with you - standing still is nothing and nowhere, but that is all that medicine has to offer.

Get back on here and tell us some more about your daily life. We MIGHT have some help. We are getting better at that!

3/9 Symptoms returning. Began 5 abx protocol 5/9 Rifampin 600, Amox 1000, Doxy 200, MWF Azith 250, flagyl 1000 daily. Began Sept 04 PPMS EDSS 6.7 Now good days EDSS 1 Mind, like parachute, work only when open. Charlie Chan  In for the duration.&am

Willie, You said that you have felt little effect from the antibiotics yet you are thinking dark thoughts - the metro can make you like that! You have also moved at quite a fast rate too, 4 pulses and you only started in April - it took me 6 months to work up to the full strength of metro for pulses. So although I have done 13 pulses now, it's only 7 at full strength. Rica will tell you (often) that you will feel as if you are going 2 steps forward then one step back (or the other way around), but it will be a gradual forward momentum.

Again the key to this is patience and treat those dark moments as what they are - just a temporary step backwards. We are all here rooting for each other, so don't feel alone and give your wife a great big kiss for helping you along with this unconventional treatment.



Hey, I also had Cipro, due to that was the only medicine I got at that time, and the treatments end up being a little too long, which of course  brought me a strong yeast infection, but I must say that since I had them,  I have been so much better!  I believe the strong Cipro was a blessing!  You said you were improving a lot with it?  You should talk with your Doctor about  what makes you feel better and about your right to recover.  We know it is possible and the important thing is to be positive for it.  I guess believing is the first step?

The very best wishes and here's your support.  It's people from all over the world sharing! See?  there are good things and there will be!

God bless!


God bless you all.MariaPatri - living in a rollercoaster! (In Orlando, Fl).Thyroiditis, sinus infection, heart, muscles and joints. 

Forgot to say, that if those black days are getting too dark, I read that having 10 to 15 drops of "liquid Iodine, dietary supplement' might make the day shinner.  Uppps, do not exagerate nor make a long treatment to avoid affecting your thyroid!  Even that is going to go. Always, after the most dark storm, the sun rises!!! Yeahhh!!!

God bless


God bless you all.MariaPatri - living in a rollercoaster! (In Orlando, Fl).Thyroiditis, sinus infection, heart, muscles and joints.