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Submitted by Sandy on Sat, 2008-02-02 23:24

My husband has had several relapses with pneumonia over the past 5-6 months.  Just received positive serology for cpn last week.

He is now finally been taking the dual antibotics (avelox and doxycycoline) for 8 days.

He seems to be improving very slightly...

Due to the fact that he has only had the pneumonia,would you advise us to follow through with Dr. Strattons protocol to eridicte the cpn comletley and avoid future issues?

 I would love to hear all your opinions on this.

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My opinion is that nearly every adult aged forty to fifty would likely benefit from at least a year's worth of this protocol. I know that sounds extreme, but I'd rather have protection against this bug than not, and since testing can't tell us definitively whether we have it and/or how it might manifest itself if we are infected, I'd opt for the treatment, to be safe. What the heck is avelox? Never heard of it.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.  Mohandas Gandhi

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Sandy, Welcome to Cpnhelp.   It will take time and patience but searching this site will eventually give you many answers to your questions.   Cpn is Cpn and given your husband's recurring condition I (not medically trained person) would say that a combined antibiotic protocol is something he would benefit from.   If you have a doctor who is prepared to work with you and Vanderbilt that would probably be the best solution for you.   The important thing to remember with Cpn is that two weeks of antibiotics will not do the job.   You have to view the treatment of Cpn as being similar to the treatment of tuberculosis, ie multiple antibiotics over a long period of time.  

Try searching the Vanderbilt website for Dr Stratton's e-mail address.   I know that they are happy to talk to doctors about the treatment.   And of course there is a lot of information here you can refer your doctor to.

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Michèle (UK) GFA: Wheldon CAP 1st May 2006. Daily Doxy, Azi MWF, metro pulse.

If the CPn has established itself in his immune system, then any site that has had an injury or inflamation will be converted into a "CPn factory." (Stratton's description). The result will vary depending on the system that's infected. Some are very difficult to detect in the early stages, and difficult to treat when advanced (the coronary arteries come to mind.)

The relapses make me think that it might be worth looking for a doctor that 's willing to explore a more aggressive, long-term approach.


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Avalox (or Avelox) is moxifloxacine; a fluoroquinolone. It is not very effective for Cpn. Your husband probably has a Cpn infection (which tends to be recurrent) and that is why I would use the abxs and protocol for Cpn. Nino: French Riviera, Cpn pneumonia june05 (misdiagnosed). Self diagnosed-treated. Sept.06 found doctor who confirmed Cpn, prescribed Zit 500mg every added NAC, supplements, metron.pulses, 200mg Doxi.

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 Sandy- Others have covered the issues already about Cpn persistance. I'd add that if he has any evidence of Cpn related disease (eg heart disease, high Cardiac Reactive Protein, high cholesterol, chronic sinusitus, etc., etc) this might suggest that he has had Cpn for longer than this acute episode. As you get familiar with the diseases it has been connected to, you can get a better idea of whether any of this has been in his history. Then you would have good reason from history, as well as overcoming the persistence problem, for doing a full CAP. Another indicator-- has he had any negative reactions to this course of meds?

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Sandy, I too feel that the CPN has caused the repeated pneumonia. I would suspect that the CPN has been in your husbands body long enough to 'make it their home'..I definately would recommend the protocol. I think short course of antibiotics my stop the pneumonia's, but unfortuantely CPN has set up shop in your husbands body. So secretly and maliciously the CPN will slowly take over his cells, get into organs, etc, and you will not even know it until he has CFS, thyroid problems, BP problems, MS. etc.

I think you are so fortunate to know that he has CPN. Hopefully starting protocol now, he will have easier time on the protocol and maybe not need to be on it as long.

Just an edit note to say I found my daughter in a situation a little similar to your husbands, but not really. I had my 11 yo daugther tested for mycoplasma as well as CPN. She had no symptoms. I was testing her for a baseline since I felt that I had myco and CPN before I got pregnant. Well, to my complete surprise, she had mycoplasma in the acute stage.  My doc and I decided to place her on 2 months of antibiotics.  We estimate that she may have only had myco for about 5 weeks. But my point is that with how destructive cpn and myco can be on our bodies, it better to error on the cautious side, instead of the wait and see approach. Of course, your husband has had it alot longer and will need to be on antibiotics alot longer. 

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