Need Advice!


Good Morning Everybody,

I have been watching this site for some time since I learned about CPN.  I am looking for your help.  I struggle with symptoms from a "yet to be diagnosed" problem, but for some reason I keep coming back to CPN as a probable cause.  The constant achiness in my upper body, fatigue, periodic fevers for no reason, brain fog, etc. just seems to fit.  Plus heart disease that caused the heart attack I had at age 43 despite never smoking, being good weight, low cholestorol, just adds to my list.

I had been seeing an infectious disease doctor who ran the lab tests at Quest with the following results:

IgGi = 1:256     Ref Range <1:16

IgM = 1:20       Ref Range <1:10

IgA = <1:16     Ref Range <1:16

He said he felt I had CPN at one time, but would swear I don't have it now.  He was sure I have some sort of bacterial infection but could not identify it.  Despite that, he treated me with Azythromycin because it seemed to help lessen some of my symptoms.  Unfortunately he is no longer practicing in this area and now I am starting over.

I have not taken the NAC test yet.  I bought some but was fearful of taking it on my own not knowing if it had any impact being taken with my other heart meds.  I try to be careful with little knowledge in this field.  Are there any concerns in this area?

Does anybody on this site know of a doctor in Michigan that will support CPN treatments or would be good to see?  I am also willing to travel.  I am going to start seaching for solutions again through my GP as a starting point for referrals.  She is great but she admits this is out of her league.  

I appreciate your help!


Michigan doctor, anyone?

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