NAC test could anyone tell me how to test for Chlamydia?

Submitted by chipper on Wed, 2009-08-12 21:53

Hi ,  I was reading that the Nac test can tell if you have the Cpn bacteria.  What a are the req dosage to get to the point of nausea.  Is that a full proof way?

I seem to feel better on nac and lopic acid.  Any comments or step by step instructions.  I could'nt find it on Wheldon site.  Thanks

Most of us take 1200 mg twice a day - 1200 (2 capsules) am and pm, I think. Not reacting does not mean you don't have cpn. Rica

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Chipper, Start with one 600mg capsule a day. If you have a flu-like reaction, such as temperature fluctuation, runny nose or eyes, achey joints and muscles, general malaise... then we have a winner and you likely have cpn. A healthy body should show no reaction at all to NAC.

Nausea isn't usually part of it, so don't look for a dose that will reach nausea for you.  Only a few people here have reported it.

If you have no reaction to NAC, up the dose to two capsules, or even three.  But give it a few days at each level before upping the dose.

My only reactions were a runny nose, to the point of having to carry tissues or a paper towel around with me everywhere, and feeling like I had a fever, which the thermometer told me I did NOT have.  Often the reactions are pretty subtle and you'd miss them if you didn't know what to look for.

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About to do test" so start with 1xday then 2 etc, should I go to 4xday eventually?

If I don’t "react" does that mean I don’t have Cpn?  I am in Australia and a Dr here has started me on ABx protocol, thought  would do test first

NAC taken on an empty stomach upsets my stomach. 
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