NAC revisited

I have just tried NAC again. Only 1 x 600mg capsule once a day for 2 days. The reaction I had is as bad as ever. Worse than my one and only tini pulse. Facial tingling, pain, weakness, restless legs at night, insomnia, angry outbursts, crying spells, severe depression and anxiety.

This is not news, but what is interesting is that before I was on the antibiotics I tolerated NAC ok. I was taking it a year or so before this as it has been indicated to help depression.

Does this mean that the reaction I am having to NAC is purely because it is teasing the cpn out of it's dormant state hence increasing the die-off effects from the antibiotics?

I have been on mino and roxi for about 7 months and was tolerating these quite well (although now I am worried about the dangers of Mino as Sarah has pointed out that it has been linked to auto-immune hepatitis).

My question is does it matter how long I delay more pulsing? What would happen if I stayed on mino (or doxy) and roxi alone for an extented period (say a year) before pulsing? Does it still kill the cpn or does it become useless because all the cpn has gone into hiding?

I am barely coping with this whole process emotionally. It is pushing me to the edge.

I am really close to throwing the towel in. This is hell.

This is all so amazing.  We each have our personal hells.  Nancy (Arttile) was unable to tolerate NAC, much as you, but for different reasons.    She has recently - maybe  for the last week or two, been taking something like 150 mg a day - but she can do it.  She has been on CAP for at least four years.  I'm sure you have read that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

You must back off to a bearable level.  Obviously, if you stay too close to the edge, it will push you too far. NAC can wait.  There is always the future.  Your sanity is also important.


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