My story and help interpreting test results

Hi, I'm new here and wanted to tell my story and see if someone could help me interpret some test results I got back, or maybe help steer me in the right direction.

I'm a 28 year old male who was healthy and active up until April of 2016, when out of nowhere I suddenly had a terrible burning feeling with urination. Over the next several months this turned into chronic bladder pain. Then around August I started to get tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, which has since spread up into my arms and legs. I had a variety of tests done for this, all of which came back normal, so they diagnosed me with "idiopathic small fiber peripheral neuropathy". A few months after that I began having shortness of breath and constant heart palpitations. The shortness of breath has gone away, but my heart still races and pounds upon any physical exertion. I also constantly feel tired despite sleeping reasonably well.

I went to my primary care doctor for the heart palpitations. He gave me an EKG which came back normal, so he basically looked at my whole situation that I was explaining and gave me the classic line that we've all heard before: "you're fine, it's all in your head, you need to seek psychological help for worrying about your health so much". I do feel like I'm going crazy, only because I have an instictual feeling that something is wrong with me physically that is being missed. I feel like there has to be an explanation for how I can go from feeling totally fine to having all of these symptoms in less than a year's time.

I luckily stumbled upon this site after reading about chronic bladder pain, peripheral neuropathy, and heart symptoms possibly being caused by CPN infection. I've since dug into it deeper and I've read so many similar stories, and even articles by doctors saying the first symptom of these chronic infections can be a burning feeling with urination. I'm very intrigued by this, since it seems like the only possible explanation is some kind of chronic infection.

I ended up driving 8 hours to Washington DC to see a Lyme Literate physician, who agrees with me that some kind of chronic infection is highly likely. She ordered a ton of tests for me which included a Western Blot Lyme disease test with co-infections (including CPN), an iSpot Lyme test, as well as a blood smear test.

The test result for the CPN was "Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG 1:128, IgM <1:10". The IgG was flagged as being abnormal. I wanted to ask those here if this result means that I do in fact have this infection, or if it's not enough to know for sure?

I'm still waiting to meet with my physician to discuss the results since there are other results that have not come in yet. I was just very intrigued that this result came back abnormal after reading so much about this infection, and wanted to see what anyone here thought. I'm really hoping I'm onto something by going down this path, and that this will be the answer to my problems. I would very much appreciate anyone letting me know from their experience what they think about my situation.

IgG indicates past CPn infection - my IgG was 1:512 - but the other two were (<) negative (no 'active' infetion - but probable EB's, etc). The physician may tell you about everybody has been exposed (ie with CPn antibodies) to CPn and positive for IgG is 'normal'. With chronic symptoms, could be minor infections going on and off causing ills, and at the time of the test you weren't currently infected in an 'active' state thus the results. Surest sign is going on the ABx's for CAP and if the 'kill-off' (weird stools, ills disappearing, etc.) begins, then you probably were/are fighting CPn. My first 6 months were 'productive' (yuck) but the remaining months (18-month regime) pretty much non-sequitur for 'kill-off' evidence. Now just doing suppliments/vitamins part of CAP and watching for ANY symptoms returning, but so far going nice.

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my Dr sees a positive IGG as significant. conventional wisdom says this is a past infection however my Dr is a guru & has proven right many times!

The next step is to do a NAC challenge (see this website) or start anti biotics. if you feel horrible after being on the NAC or abx about 3 days later then i suspect you will know what is going on!