My new protocol

Hi everybody,

my Doc consulted Heidelberg Univ. and Jena Univ. (both Germany). They came up with that protocol:

* NAC 2400 mg per day (as usual)

* Minozyklin (spelling in Englisch might be: minocycline) twice a day 100 mg each; instead of Doxy

-> Minocycline penetrate nerves and braines better than Doxy does; this is probably a valuable information for those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis

* Zithromax 3 times a week 250mg each

-> Zithromax contains Azithromycin

Minocycline and Zithromax are static towards cpn bacteria. There will be added an antibiotic which is bacteriocide (killing) towards cpn later. What kind it will be and at what dosis, this question is still in work.

I'll keep you posted ...



Hi Andreas,

what's different from the Wheldon protocol outlined on the web page?



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I will testify that minocin works better. I took a huge downfall when I switched to doxy from mino. Not to mention while on doxy the pulses did not put me on the couch. From experience if it doesn't put you in bed you are not doing much at killing the bugs. I will stay with minocin.

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Hi Daniela,

Doxycycline is replaced by Minocycline, because Mino penetrates nerves and brain better than Doxy even though they are both out of the same type of Antibiotics (Tetracyclines).




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Well there was a recent post that spoke about minocycline being 2x as strong as Doxy. You can get the same wack and punch but taking doxy at 400 per day and cheeper.  How much time have you been in bed Lee?  After a year I am enjoying being off the couch and being able to begin to get a life even if it includes daily CAP and pulses.

I got a pmessage last week from a non posting user who's wife had done well on Minocycline for a good length of time and developed Lupus positive labs.  Quite mino labs went negative, restarted mino labs again positive.   Then there are the blue lips that some folks get and not to mention the extra amount of copay if you are so lucky to have coverage and if not much, much more expensive to self pay.  This is true for Biaxin (Clarityromycin generic)and Tindamax (tinidazole generic).  Doxy is safer in general for long term use. IMHO.

Glad that your meds are working for you and that you are tough as nails and a heavyweight fighter!



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I was on another protocol and had used minocycline so I was more comfortable knowing that it was supposedly a little more broad spectrum. I asked Dr Stratton about it and if I could use the mino instead of doxy and he said it was fine but that doxy was less expensive as Louise suggests in her post.

There have been many studies using long term minocycline for treatments such as acne and rheumatoid arthritis so I don't think either antibiotic has had an issue with long term treatment.

I'm using minocycline, 100 mg/2x day and azithromycin, 250 mg MWF, just like you. I've also opted for a Tindamax prescription for my pulses rather than the Flagyl but I haven't started that yet. Image removed.


Something has just come to mind here on the mino... maybe this is why I'm beginning to feel such a strong reaction, if the mino is really more potent than doxy.  I guess I'll just stick with it and see how things progress.  

I was also under the impression from reading somewhere that doxy seems to induce more toxicity but can't recall where I read that.  I may be mistaken as that was very early on in my reading of this site.   

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Hi everybody,

here is my feed back how the new protocoll (NAC, Minocycline, Azithormycine) worked. Minocycline replacing Doxy.

It was a breakthrough! I had a feeling of being chemically doped up for a couple of weeks. But that vanished finally. Now I have got the feeling of energy, my appetite normalized, the insattiable desire for protein and sweet vanished and I even have symptoms of cpn die off normally related to Metro pulses such as brown urine in the morning even though I haven't done no Metro pulse yet. The rear part of my throat used to be into deep red color, being inflammed obviously. That deep red vanished into normal pink. And I used to have a constant burning in the muscles of my right lower arm, as if having done a workout with weights. That vanished, too.

I've done a big step forward. The whole theatre indicates improvement. I'm enthusiastic.



Male(44).Germany.Immune defficiency.Cpn+.CAP08/2008-12/2009.Q10,NAC.Diagnosis:CVID.

Good, Andreas, I'm glad you feel it is helping. One word about you first post, though, doxycycline has as good brain penetration as minocycline does, and fewer side effects....................Sarah

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