My first pulse of Metro

Submitted by Bertiedog on Wed, 2011-07-13 04:34

At last I have taken my first dose of Metro having started Doxy 200 mg in April and Azithro MWF from end of May.  I had to wait a month for the Metro to arrive.


Actually I need to take Metro because I have had a very difficult time recently with one infected root canal on the left side of my face which was finally filled yesterday at the dentist and now it looks as if I might have another infected tooth on the right side.  Just cannot believe it!  I had a very difficult time with the first root filled tooth because it gave me horrendous pain day and night for 5 days after the treatment and when I went back after 2 weeks it was still draining so the dentist couldn’t complete the root canal.  Luckily that is now done but the temporary filling fell out yesterday 2 hours after being placed and yesterday I also started getting little stabs of pain on the right side where I had a problem with a tooth last year.


All in all it seemed sensible to start the Metro because it does help with tooth infections but normally one needs to take it for 5 days at least so I might have to do my first pulse for 5 days which is worrying me somewhat.


I have noticed my glands have been up the past few days but I did have a stomach virus for 24 hours at the end of last week so really not sure at all what is going on with my body.


As you can imagine my energy has been very poor at times and I am having to spend lots of time resting which is making me feel very bored and a bit depressed at times.


There is one bit of good news in that the almost daily migraines might have stopped.  I saw a Consultant for the 2nd time a week ago who said I needed a preventative because my pain threshold was so low.  I really didn’t want to add anymore drugs but felt a bit desperate because I was needing to take so many painkillers so thought I would give it a go.


He prescribed Gabapentin 100 mg x 3.  Well I am very sensitive to drugs so thought I would just take half a capsule twice daily and work up to 3 times daily.  I have managed this ok but have often have had to have a short sleep even on half a capsule!  Anyway I am definitely getting them under control and today woke up without any sign of a migraine despite the dentist yesterday.  So that is definitely a big positive because I have suffered terribly with migraines since the age of 21 and they have got to be really out of control since taking extra supplements for methlyation (lots of methylB12) which just didn’t agree with me plus I was doing this protocol.


Any support would be very welcomed as I do feel very alone at times with nobody really understanding what it is like to live with a longterm illness.


Hi Bertie, I would think the infected teeth might have something to do with Cpn. So you are on the right track. Keep an eye on those teeth, as root canals often do not do the job and the tooth needs to be pulled. I hear you about feeling alone. This is why this site is so important to us. The other thing that is hard is always covering up how sick we are at work or around others because most of us really don't look sick. This creates a lot of pressure and stress we don't need. Keep on track with the treatment and it will pay off. You are not alone and have lots of support here. Raven

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Keep going Bertie, I used to have migraine a lot but since I started this protocol it's been quite a few years since I have had an attack. I have had a few headaches but they have cleared up quickly after taking turmeric tablets because turmeric is effective against inflammation.


Thanks very much to Raven and speedbird and yes I think the Cpn could well be the cause of all the teeth problems and the migraines too.  The latest niggles on the upper right tooth seem a bit better with the 2nd day of Metro.

Today I woke with a very nasty migraine and needed painkillers plus Imigran plus the Gaba so was wiped out till 11.30 am when I could do some work on the computer.  Guess I am not surprised because there was a lot of medication I had to take yesterday.  I have been exhausted again this afternoon and needed to sleep and found it very difficult to come to but felt a bit better after some D ribose, cheese and cup of tea.

I have had lots of short burning pains in my legs and feet just coming and going which hopefully is a good sign of something happening.

Yesterday evening I sort of forced myself to go for a short walk with my dog and noticed real burning in my legs but my upper body felt fine which I thought weird.  I used to get problems with the upper body too when my energy ran low but that seems to have changed already.  After the walk I felt a lot better the whole of the evening but it all starts again for me the next day on waking.

I think I will try 3 days for this first pulse but if my tooth still plays up then I might have to extend it but wouldn't look forward to that because I have had to rest so much.

Thanks for your support it is really appreciated.

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Gravity probably plays an obvious role here; feet and legs are lower than everything else and there may simply be a larger infection population in the lower part of your body, which is now being attacked by the abx. Congratulations on that (sort of). ;-)

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Gravity certainly plays a part!  This is mosquito bite season and I have two whoppers on both ankles but only one smallish bite on one wrist and something I don’t evn know is there on my neck.........Sarah

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I'm fairly sure that several bites over some time in my town centre back garden in Felixstowe &/or another bite from a long narrow black fly in Bradford-on-Avon all of which caused much more swelling, itching than usual, (more like a horse fly bite) & took 2-3 weeks to heal were the cause of my Lyme infection.

Both of these areas, East Anglia & near Southampton, are known hotspots for Lyme.

An easy & natural way to protect yourself is by application of lavender essential oil every 4 hours to all exposed skin. It's safe to apply neat.


I find the gravity theory very interesting.  For the past 10 years its always my legs that are such a problem with very poor energy and then pain, the energy usually running out around 20 minutes of physical activity and yet there is still energy in my upper body and within only a few minutes of sitting at times some energy will come back into my legs but only for a short time.  Then its necessary to rest for many hours but I feel fine in myself just bored on occasions especially when the weather is good.


Yesterday I decided to stop the Gabapentin because I am pretty sure it was contributing to the exhaustion even on such a tiny dose.  Yesterday was a much better day especially in the morning except very unexpectedly out of the blue I got quite nasty back of the head dizziness whilst driving for only about 10 minutes.  This was one of my original symptoms but I haven’t suffered with it much for some time.  It stirs up my nervous system badly and makes me feel a bit shaky and anxious because my body feels out of control.  However it does respond after a while to Stemetil and yesterday I was going for a massage so it did settle down I just needed an extra pillow to relax.  Obviously this is a neurological symptom and wonder how common it is with these bugs.  It’s certainly a very nasty symptom and I don’t like it one bit!


The Metro also caused a heavy white coating within a day and a half of starting it so have been using some Daktarin and it feels more comfortable and is clearing a bit.  I always get this with Metro.


I am now on day 4 of the first pulse and will probably do one more day just because of a possible problem with one of my teeth.  I am very surprised I haven’t felt worse from this first pulse but realise I have only been taking 200 mg x 3.  I am concerned about getting a bad yeast issue with it because I have had this problem with it in the past and because the tongue was coated within one day of starting it I don’t want this to happen in my gut.  I am taking 4 probiotics daily and taking some natural antifungals.

ME/CFS, adrenal insufficiency low dose steroids + flurdrocortisone, thyroid disease Armoujr + 25 mcg T3, 25 mcg T4, 20mg Propoananol, 200 Doxy from 1/4/11, Azithro MWF from 1/6/11, Metro 1st 5 day pulse 13/7/11

I notice we started antibiotics about the same time.  However, I started rifampin at the same time as I started the doxy (end of April).   My doctor did not prescribe a pulse antibiotic....we'll see if he will consider adding that the next time I see him....

I wish you the best as you undertake your first pulse....

Best, Timaca 

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I need to go feed my 3 hens but first before I forget - I just wanted to tell you that I had also experienced tooth pain associated with root canal and migraines. It is intense debilitating pain which thankfully eventually faded away via CAP. However now at times same tooth with root canal flares up a tiny bit between pulses. This tooth has been checked, rechecked, redone at great expense and the dental report is always there is nothing wrong with it. There should be no pain. Just like my eyes have been checked and are healthy yet there is dry eyes, photo sensitivity and sore eyeballs frequently. Just wanted to tell you that Cpn can cause these symptoms without any other apparent infection, etc. As time passed while I have been on the Wheldon Protocol these symptoms have improved. I hope the same for you. Cheers! MM

PS... Same with the leg issues. Mine are getting better.

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Well I definitely spoke too soon.  Things started to change for the worse in the evening of the 4th day.  I just couldn’t walk very well, lots of pains in my legs and poor energy when I tried to take the dog for a short walk.  Basically I hadn’t recovered from going to a shop 3 hours earlier for 15 minutes.  This is pretty standard to be honest but the next day was far worse as there was no energy to speak of at all.


I just layed around feeling exhausted just managing to do a little of a jigsaw late afternoon.  Had a lot of muscle pains in legs, neck and shoulders.  Slept during the afternoon and found it difficult to come to.  Also had back of head dizziness which I found nasty and a mild sore throat developed.  Actually I felt so rubbish that I didn’t take the 3rd and final dose of that 5th day.


Yesterday was a fair bit better, still worn out first thing but managed to feel a bit better as the day went on.  I had had a good night’s sleep and noticed I needed more sleep the whole time I was on the Metro.  My tongue is still coated.  Does anybody know what is good to get rid of this?  Also my mood has taken a bit of a nose dive but I guess again that is pretty normal.


I won’t be looking forward to the next pulse in 3 weeks time but know I will do it.

Tomorrow the root treated tooth will finally be filled with a porcelain filling and an X ray will be taken of the one that is slightly playing up on the opposite side.  Happy Days!  Well at least the migraines have stopped so I am very happy about that.  It was either the B12 and/or NAC cos I have stopped both for the past 2 weeks with good results migraine-wise.

ME/CFS, adrenal insufficiency low dose steroids + flurdrocortisone, thyroid disease Armoujr + 25 mcg T3, 25 mcg T4, 20mg Propoananol, 200 Doxy from 1/4/11, Azithro MWF from 1/6/11, Metro 1st 5 day pulse 13/7/11