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Sunday 21 January 2007New year, new blog page! I think I'll try keeping about three months on each page as my previous entry got rather lengthy.My last entry was a month ago, so I'll summarise what's been going on. I have had continued pain and weakness on and off in my hands, particularly the left, although it has been ok for a few days now. Generally I am feeling pretty good considering that we have had back-to-back house guests since before Christmas and the summer weather has really kicked in. 36 degrees yesterday and today. I have been for a few swims in the ocean which was freezing yesterday, but fine once I was in for a while. It was good to get the right leg moving a little more freely and as always, walking out of the water was much easier than walking in. I still need to hang onto someone's arm to get in and out of the water as my balance isn't good enough to cope alone, especially with the lapping waves, cold water and shells underfoot all conspiring against my sensitive nerves.The many visitors have actually helped me have more daytime rests than I would have had without them here as they have entertained Kai. He goes back to preschool one day next week and the week after he will be going four days for the rest of the school term. So who has been to visit? Annie and Vic over Christmas; Daz and Megan between Boxing Day and New Year; Jason, Maria and Cate (now 10 months old!) for a couple of nights on their way home to Melbourne; Kiki and Cassie for a weekend, with Mum and Gaz, who stayed on for a week; Lindy, Inge, Isabelle and Will for a weekend; and full circle to Annie and Vic who came down again to help out with ferrying us about on Friday as Tig was in for a gastroscopy and I had a massage and driving lesson. Whew! Next weekend Dad and Maree are coming to stay and that will mark the end of visitors' month! The following weekend, Tig is off to New York again.The driving lessons are progressing and I am very keen to get the test out of the way. Of course, we have to get the hand controls fitted to the car and I have to complete another 7 or so lessons. The instructor is hoping I'll be ready for the test before he goes away on March 8. Fingers crossed!Monday 22 January 2007Fifth Flagyl PulseStarted fifth pulse today. Hands sore on and off. Burning sensation more pronounced from knees down, mostly when I first wake up.Friday 26 January 2007Finished fifth pulse today. Only forgot one tablet (lunch time yesterday). Australia Day today. Dad and Mim to stay for weekend and their old friends Alex and Jette dropped in with their son Kaj as they have been staying in a holiday rental over at Callala Beach for the week. Big Kaj and little Kai got on very well together. I was a bit tired but have made it through the week without too many daytime sleeps.Monday 29 January 2007Slept for hours today while Tig took Kai to a swimming lesson. Felt much better for the rest! Hands and feet still a little tingly and my left elbow was sore again today. Spa seemed to help.Saturday 3 February 2007Tig to U.S. for work. Dad and Mim came to help out by driving me and Kai to his swimming lesson, which he hated and cried right through. Had lunch and went to the hardware store to look at plants/paint charts/outdoor settings. No nap, so it was an exhausting day!Sunday 4 February 2007Dad and Mim left just after lunch. No nap today either!Monday 5 February 2007Obviously couldn't get Kai to swimming, so went to playgroup instead. Changed his lesson to a lower level and to just one class a week (Saturdays) instead of two. Twisted my ankle on the uneven pavers trying to put the bbq cover on. Ouch. Just what my right leg needs. No nap...Tuesday 6 February 2007Kai to preschool (Michelle gave us a lift). At last, a daytime nap!! Did boring stuff like make vegetable soup and fresh juice, took out the rubbish, compost and food for the worms. My right ankle is still quite sore and slowing me down even more than usual, but I think it's just muscular so hopefully will start to feel better over the next couple of days. Miss Tig insanely. Just five more sleeps to go...Sunday 11 February 2007Whew! Got through the week and have my Tigger back home with us. Annie and Vic came on Thursday afternoon so they could take me to my driving lesson on Friday and take Kai to his swimming lesson on Saturday. The driving lessons are going well and I hope to do my test on about 2 March. We now need to organise to get the car to Hornsby Heights (!) to have the hand controls fitted. Kai was even more upset than last week in the swimming lesson so we'll probably pull him out for the rest of this term and just teach him ourselves. We don't want to cruel his enjoyment of the water at this early stage.My ankle has healed well and is no longer sore. My fingers and hands are behaving well and my leg is feeling a little better. I am managing more walks about the house without the wheelie walker, though I tend not to do it much as it's slower and I have more chance of tripping over because of the right foot drop. All in all, I'm feeling pretty good at the moment.I scooted down to the sailing club on Thursday and had a chat to the people doing the Sailability sailing and explained that we had great intentions of joining this season, but it just didn't happen. They said we should just come along whenever we can make it. We'll try to do that, then commit properly to learning in the new season, which starts again around September.Tuesday 13 February 2007Not feeling too good today. A bit snuffly, feel like I'm coming down with flu. Did yoga then went back to bed for most of the day (Kai at preschool until 2.30pm).Wednesday 14 February 2007Feeling a bit better. Did yoga.Thursday 15 February 2007Yoga again. Doing well this week!Friday 16 February 2007Massage (very intense on my right shoulder, which is quite knotted up) and then driving lesson. Two more lessons before my test on 23 March.Monday 19 February 2007Sixth Flagyl PulseStill feeling as though I'm on the brink of getting flu/cold. Aches all over, right foot-drop worse, leg very heavy, just feel 'off'. Also lots of pmt-type symptoms (irritable, short-tempered, bloated tummy, breast tenderness) but period not due for a few more weeks! Started my sixth flagyl pulse this morning. Not too much happening this week so I'll try to limit myself to yoga and resting while Kai is at preschool.Monday 5 February 2007Grrrr! Still don't know where the heading formatting and bold buttons have gone and I can't be bothered messing about with the HTML code, so I'll have to go unformatted for a while!Nothing too eventful over the past couple of weeks. Just feeling a bit 'off' still, as though I'm on the verge of a cold. Legs have been stiffer than usual on waking and my walking is generally slower and the foot-drop in my right foot worse. Pulse was uneventful.Tuesday 27 March 2007Have been very slack with the blog. Pedant in me can't abide the lack of formatting I'm afraid. Will start a forum topic to see if anyone here can has been gradually a little worse I think, mostly my right leg getting heavier and slowing me down more than usual, though Tig and Michelle both commented last weekend that I seemed slightly faster again, so maybe turning a corner.Seventh flagyl pulse started last Tuesday 20 March 2007 and completed Saturday.Went for driving test with hand controls last Friday 23 March 2007 and passed. Hooray! Have done a few little drives around Callala. So good just to have that little bit of independence back. Next step is to get a ramp so I can get the scooter in and out on my own.Getting ready for the cruise (exciting!!). We leave this Sunday. Taking Scout to Dad and Mim's on Friday.In two minds about lobbying to get Tysabri on the PBS. Scared of developing the 'irreversible, fatal brain disease'; attracted by possibility of radical improvements. Regardless, think I will write the letters so at least those of us with ms can make the choice (without having to pay $40,000 per year).

Vanessa, nice to hear how you are getting on.   Swimming in the ocean is some feat, but the benefits of cooling down make it worth it I think.   I Hope your driving goes well, it will make so much difference to your ability to get about.   I don't know how Ella could manage without her car...

I hope that the result of Tig's examination is good news.

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