27 Apr 2018

Multiple sclerosis can be cured ... and not only him :)


Victory?Immediately after the New Year, I made a gift. did MRIOthing it showed?No inflammatory processes.Omniskan-gadolinium does not accumulate.Doctors result did not show. :)I continue to doxycycline. Once a month, short pulses of metronidazole ... 500 5 daysёgurt do it yourself)Thanks to the works of Mechnikov;)Knowledge is power!


Congratulations my friend at doing so well and apparently curing your multiple sclerosis.  It is taking me a bit longer but I intend to join you too.Your post is short.  You say what has not been found on your MRI that you don't detail any improvements in your walking, mobility etc.  Let's hear it my friend!SmileG

“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Thank you!LaughingMy physical condition at the moment - a healthy person. Completely gone spasticity. a clear head. quick thinking. Sight restored.Earlier on MRI during an exacerbation were multiple, large confluent lesions. accumulating contrast. That I reached for the first 9 months of Combined Antibiotic Protocols. Now there is a slight deterioration at the sudden change of weather. To accept mildronat brain. As almost all the pain in the back (thoracic spine). Every day I get better.     Two years ago, after being discharged from the hospital, I could not walk a lot (spasticity), very badly seen, head working slowly, the muscles (back pain) were pulled back. The vocal cords were also strained voice was distorted.    This can be interesting to put in the cloud of his latest MRI. In the acute stage there is only a snapshot, disk alas not.  My medical history can be found in my profile. We are pleased to answer all questions.In turn, I wonder - to show your MRI during remission?