27 Apr 2018

Multi antibiotic clinical trial for Cpn induced reactive arthritis


Not sure if any of you have seen this but thought it would be of interest. Results should be in soon. Looks like they didn't include Flagyl but only Azithromycin and Rifampin OR Doxy and Rifampin for 6 months. Is Stratton's updated protocol just Rifampin and Azithromycin or Doxy? Does Stratton use 300mg Rifampin daily or 600mg daily?

Combination Antibiotic Treatment for Reactive Arthritis Caused by Chlamydia Bacteria:


I think he's used both combo's with flagyl, although don't recall his dosing on the rifampin. Have to look it up in the patents. Interesting that they are at least covering combined antibiotics for this. It's so unfortunate that the finding of flagyl for the cryptic phase is so little known.