I talked to a doctor a couple of weeks ago and he said to try stacking Moxifloxacin with my other antibiotics. Im not sure about this so I thopug id ask you guys


Moxifloxacin ~ It's in the fluoroquinolone family... I, personally, wouldn't risk taking it but that's just me. 

Here's an article on a study "Moxifloxacin Monotherapy Effective for Community-Acquired Pneumonia", but it's referencing monotherapy. 

ADDENDUM: (11/22/08) just to clarify my above post...I put the link for the study to show  it is believed to help  CPN in monotherapy (We know better, right Image removed..

Paula, I, too, had some type of damage done to my right knee from Levaquin after 8 days . This was when I first became ill and my dr. didn't know what was going on and gave me this as an initial ABX. (before any testing)

If you read the history on CIPRO  it was developed (and stockpiled!) during the initial Anthrax scare.  Then when it was determined a cheaper common ABX would do the trick for Anthrax, it was "pushed" by the pharmaceutical company.

One man has written a book called "The Bitter Pill" on what this did to his wife.  I definitely would not take it and certainly not long-term for CPN.



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Wheldon CAP was designed to be the safest and most cost effective, effective combination.  May abx when used long term have drastic potential side effects.   Especially for those on their own in this.   Lots of them need frequent lab screening tests to catch destruction of tissue etc.   Beware and be careful. 
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If you are looking to increase the potency of your protocol you might look to Rifampin instead. It has a very good record in long term use, unlike the floxacin family, as long as liver enzymes are monitored.


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I was severely damaged by a few weeks of quinolones for Lyme disease. They did nothing for the Lyme and caused ongoing tendon aches and bizarre anxiety, sensitivity to noise and nerve pain for five years now. I am on an email list for patients with quinolone damage. Some of them are 18 to 30 year olds who had nothing but a minor infection when they were given quinolones. They did not have ruptured tendons, they have aching tendons and nerve damage. Some of them border on suicide because they cannot find any way to repair the damage months to years after the original damage.

 You can google quinolones and you will find many sites, including lawsuits telling of the major damage. If you can take any other antibiotic I would strongly suggest you do so. I think these drugs should be taken off the market, not just given black box warnings. Be sure to share this information with your doctor.

Here is just one link in case you want a professional statement. This man is a drug expert.

Paula Carnes

Paula Carnes