Moppers - options to decrease endotoxin levels released from bacterial die off from CAP + for symptoms from secondary porphyria


Good morning!  Creating a forum topic to hold member feedback relating to their use of moppers and reference links to moppers for easy reading and review.  Some members have had unpleasant experiences with die off symptoms and/or porphyria as a result of aCAP course of treatment. 

"Moppers" is a slang and not official term for a variety of way to deal with these die off symptoms or porphyria symptoms by encouraging their elimination from the body through the bowel and avoiding th reabsorption of these substances that can accumulate in increasing levels in the body.

There are a number of mopper options that can be added and some are supplements and some are prescription medications.  Some are used daily and some are used intermittently for a period of time.

The topics of lipophilic endotoxins, porphrins and the use of moppers to absorb and eliminate them is scattered through the archives.  So the information on the various options that have been used by various members is and not so easy to locate.  When there is a need to know it is generally harder for one to find it.

Moppers - options used to decrease endotoxin levels associated with bacterial die off from CAP. Moppers are also used by some members for the symptoms associated with the secondary porphyria symptoms that may accompany and elevated levels of these with the use of aCAP course of treatment over time and sometimes dramatically with the beginning of treatment for some persons. 

Suggestions for moppers are often given quickly without specific detail. 

This is a topic thread to provide easy to find comments and or links to related threads on the use of moppers.   Several links to start this off are added in the next post in comments to this forum thread.

Several More related links; 

And take a look at ChitosanUltra;

ChitosanUltra is another non prescription mopper that you might look into.    A caution to those with verified shellfish allergies.    There are two concentrations of Chitosan this get the ultra it is a form that absorbs more bacterial endotoxinsi and neurotoxins and porphyrins.

When I happen to run into more older links for related info I will add them from time to time.

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