Minocycline experiences?

I recently visited my doctor and asked him about switching from Doxy over to Minocycline.  He was willing to do it but was rather uncomfortable with it due to the experience several of his patients have had with it in the past.  Consequently, I'm wondering how common these experiences might be?

What he said had happened is that several of him patients began having skin discoloration.  Their skin would turn blochy/blackened.  It would be as though they had a dark patch of skin, sometimes very large patch covering their side or legs.  By dark, I'm talking the color of dark coffee, or cholocolat.

Anyway, I decided not to press on switching to Mino, yet, but it's still riding around in my cranium as something I may due at some point.

I'd be interested in what people have seen or had happen with it, what side effects, this one or any others?

I know many people who take 200mgs daily for 5-10 years with no discoloration but it can happen. I would not be worried if you are thinking of taking it for a year or two. Start slowly though as it really packs a punch.
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John, I was started on the CAP with Mino. In my case, it stained my teeth. The dental hygienist was able to remove it with an ultra sound descaler.

I took it for about 6 months before my doc switched me to INH for 5 months.

In my case, the combo that gave me the most bang for the CAP is the one I'm on now. Doxy, Azith and Flagyl (now taking Tini)

If you haven't tried Mino might be a good change. Just my 2¢



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I've been on minocycline rather than doxycycline pretty much for the duration of my treatment. It hasn't caused me any problems. The only skin discoloration has been where a couple of moles were removed; the scar tissue that grew to fill the holes turned dark blue.

i've been on  mino for 6 mths and dont have any of discolorations.  I was on doxy for 1.5 yrs before switching and when I switched, It took me 6 weeks to build up to full dose of 100mg twice a day and not have porphoryia. (mino kicked my butt)  for me, i like mino better than doxy b/c I had to take doxy with meals due to severe nausea.. now, I take my mino and biaxin in morning and I am done...

 I thought I remember reading on this site somewhere, that mino penetrates the BBB  than doxy..maybe someone can come along and verify that or dismiss it..

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Hi. I was started on mino by a neuro at Johns Hopkins and that, in fact, is what led me to cpnhelp: after 6 weeks I came down with an acute (105 degree temp.) case of bronchitis that lasted several months. I continued taking mino for 6 months and then developed an allergy to it. I went on cap 3 months later and so switched to doxy capsules (I'm also allergic to doxy tablets). Anyway, my reaction to the mino was obviously strong although people outside of this site would not have put 2 + 2 together. Other than the bronchitis, I had no negative reactions to mino in the 6 months I took it. I have fair and sensitive skin and experienced no discoloration.

In sum: go for it.

P.S. Now that I think about it, who is to say it was bronchitis? I had fever, incredible weakness and fatigue, coughing (of course) and the first symptom was an inability to catch my breath. So I had myself tested (after finding this ste) and found I had an extremely high count of cpn. I.E. Die-off like crazy!

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I had some blue coloration around my lips. It faded when I took a break from mino for doxy. Mino in my case is much much stronger. When I did a pulse on doxy I could still function fairly well. On mino forget it I was flat out on the couch.

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I took mino for three and a half years with no problems. I have fair skin that in the past year started regaining its ability to tan.

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I took Minocycline for 3-4 years and like Raven had my teeth stained from it. But I did not have any skin discoloration at all. I have fair skin that freckles easily. The main reason I quit taking it was it hit me too hard in my problem areas. The Doxy doesn't seem to aggravate things quite so badly but I am not without reaction or inflammation from it. Just more bearable. I must always eat saltines or plain but salted popcorn with it or I get very nauseated. I hope things turn out good for you if you use it. Miying

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never heard of that before. I was on Mino was a while but it got too expensive. I actually prefer mino over doxy but too pricy.

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approx 2-3 weeks. Reaction was too severe to continue. I dont know if it was die off or adverse reaction.

Dizinesses, lightheadedness, headache, rapid heartbeat, air hunger, severe acid and nausea, stomach spasms /wretching, mild confusion- loss for thoughts and words.

I must say though.... it localised my infection and it was just like the other poster who took levaquin and doxy explained the experience - it was as if the infection was working as one.

When i stopped i slipped back to where i was before minocin. It was a horrible experience overall, especially the ride backwards- going back to the doxy combo, like being overtaken by ebola. Im alright now though.

If anyone can tolerate it, my vote is go for it.