27 Apr 2018
lee mcghee

Mino to Doxy


I was thinking about switching from Mino to Doxy. Ive been on Mino for about 3 weeks. Would that be ok to switch without any complications or is it a bad idea? or should I stick with the Mino. The only reason why im asking is becuase the Doxy is cheaper.


Hi Lee, As you say Doxy is less expensive by a long shot over the duration of the treatment.  There are several reasons that I stayed with it despite the challenges I have had taking it.  In early treatment last summer I got the doxy photo sensitivity reaction on my arms, hands, face and neck through the tinted auto glass on a 2 hour trip down the interstate.  It took a month to clear and I was very careful, used sunscreen with titanium dioxide on face and covered arms and even hands with cotton gloves while driving after that.  I must have had a tremendous amount of Cpn under my skin to get such a strong reaction.   And I also needed to take Doxy in the middle of a full meal with protein, fat and carbohydrates.   Carbohydrates alone would not be enough to keep me from reaction in my stomach,  pain and great nausea.   Now, almost a year later I still do the same but only occasional nausea if I get the pills a bit late or after the meal.  

The reasons that I stuck with doxy were the cost factor, I realized that insurance company was beginning to disallow long term abx here, and I also know that most of the studies on effectiveness across a good number of bacterial organisms have been done with Doxy so it is one powerful abx and relatively safe for use long term use. 

To put it simply, I personally would make the change for myself for the reasons stated above.

Looking forward to following your progress.   I can say that this protocol has improved my quality of life exponentially in the past year.


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