Michele, Thanks for the quick response!!!

Submitted by chipper on Tue, 2009-08-11 17:48

I'm not sure how to use the private message.  I can only see part of what I'm typing and it is only one line. Makes it hard to type to anyone like that.  I had my cat scan done on Friday and the doc reported that I had white spots like round nodulars on my lungs.  He said I should make an appt in 3mos to get them checked to see if they grew.  I have no idea what they are and neither does he. I want to get the test done through diag labs Quest.  Do you know anything about how they take the test is it a blood test?  I only have some releif when I take NAC and iodine for the lungs, but I would like to know if it is cpn that is causing all my problems.  I was diag with it 18yr ago and they treated it the conventional way with some antibiotic for 10 days.  I went back and I still had it.  They treated me again.  I went back and they said it was gone. Hugh, wonder!!!  Have you ever heard of anyone with white spots on the lungs, and diagnoised with COPD?  I hope your doing well. 

I did take doxycline at one point and I felt better.  I also took tetrecycline at one point and lungs felt better.  So I'm thinking Chlamydia.  Still thank you for taking the time to inform me.  Where on the web do I read to get more educated.  Cpn handbook??   Talk soon   Nadine 


Nadine, Click on the Getting Started tab at the top of this page. Then read, read and read some more.

And, no - a two week course of antibiotics does not eradicate a chronic cpn infection.  You've already realized that by 'feeling better' immediately after a course of abx, then declining again over time.  Most of us experienced that before we put two and two together and finally got some help.

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